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Short And Simple Spirituality Series
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“You’re never alone, no matter how confused, depressed, worried, or angry you are. Your angels are always nearby; ready to help you, guide you, and love you.”

Believing in angels isn’t the main problem; it’s how to contact them, how to “hear” them, and how to use their guidance to help you reach your goals and make positive life changes. In these electronic pages I want to show you how to meet your angels and learn to recognize their loving and helpful guidance. 

I can’t wait until you begin working with your angels because I know the satisfaction and happiness you’ll feel when you start receiving their messages. You’ll wonder why you never worked with them sooner and how you ever got through life groping around in the dark when your angels can shed light on your problems and goals and show you the way!

The Short And Simple Spirituality Series:

This is a condensed and reorganized version of my all-time bestseller: Contacting And Working With Your Angels. I get emails daily on how this book has helped people change their lives in both small and profound ways. Although it’s not a huge book itself, it still takes the reader some time to get through all of the information, stories, and exercises. 

What I wanted to do with that book--and all of my other spiritual books--was take the most important and helpful information from each one and condense them into short and simple guides that will help you communicate with your angels, recall your past lives, heal your aura, develop your psychic abilities, and start reaping the benefits starting today!

Kelly Wallace Psychic Medium

Her Psychic Path

Kelly knows that everyone is psychic, though some people, like herself, come into this world "awake". She remembers being born, and had her first psychic experience at the age of 3 when her parents discovered that her invisible playmate was really the deceased son of a friend. Throughout childhood she was visited by spirit guides, those who had crossed over, and she frequently had premonitions that later came true. 

As time went on people were naturally drawn to her, seeking help, inspiration and guidance, so she decided to become a psychic counselor. Now she's able to help anyone in the world to overcome problems, find solutions, and regain inner peace and happiness, while connecting them with their own personal spirit guides. 

From stock brokers to doctors, clergy to celebrities, and everyone in between, she counsels over a thousand clients per year in areas such as love, finances, career, and health issues. Her honest, unique, and friendly guidance has made her a well respected international success. 

Kelly is also a best selling spiritual self-help author, radio show host, and has now been a professional psychic counselor for over twenty years. 

About Her Readings

More than just a typical psychic reading or counseling session, you will feel you've found a real friend during your time of need--whether you simply want answers and guidance to your current worries or concerns, or you're interested in learning more about your soul mate, spirit guides, past lives, aura energy, or anything else. With her you will find there is no hype, no wild predictions, no sugar-coated false information. Instead, you'll receive honest, open, caring guidance you can trust.  

Her Education and Experience

- Brief Solution-Based Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Dream Analysis, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Vitamin and Mineral Therapy, NLP, Chakra Therapy, Hand Reflexology, Meditation, Visualization, Assertiveness and Confidence Building.

- Pastoral Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Life Coach, Doctor of Divinity.

- Multi-published author, radio show host, freelance writer.

- Previous marketing director and radio show manager for a publishing company. 

- Contributing writer for top media content sites: Demand Studios, Suite101, Associated Content,, Divine Caroline, Yahoo, London Glossy print magazine, and many more.

You Can Contact Her At: [email protected]

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