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Using Tarot Cards To Discover Your Past Lives

Posted by Kelly Wallace on October 25, 2016 at 1:10 PM

Using The Tarot


When you’re first starting out on your path of past life self-discovery, an easy way to uncover some details yet not get too overwhelmed is through using the tarot. I won’t go into any detail on actually reading the tarot since I’ve done that in my book: Intuitive Tarot - Read The Tarot Instantly. In fact, for this exercise you don’t need to know a single thing about reading the cards, you just need to use a deck you already have or go out and find one that seems to call to you.


Choosing A Card Deck

When looking for a deck of tarot cards it’s important to take your time. Yes, you can rely on the well-known Rider-Waite deck and you won’t go wrong with that, but it’s more personal if you find cards that really appeal to you. Take a look online before purchasing a deck though because you want to be sure that there are pictures for all 78 cards. Many decks will only have pictures or scenes for the first 22 and then the rest will only consist of 8 Cups or 10 Swords, and so on. You want a deck with good visual appeal so the images can help bring out those hidden past life memories.

Once you bring your cards home be sure to shuffle them at least a dozen times. Better yet, spread them out on the floor or on your bed, mix them around with your hands so they get good and shuffled, then put them back together. This is known as the Cauldron Shuffle.


Choosing A Spread


You don’t need a special tarot spread when trying to uncover your past lives through these cards since the symbols, scenes, animals, people, colors, and numbers are usually enough. However, if you want something to go on, you could lay out some cards and have them represent:





Good memory/Bad Memory/Karmic Lesson

Event 1/Event 2/Event 3



You could create an endless number of three-card spreads to represent any one of your past lives, but for right now choose one from the above list that interests you most or think of three other things you’d like to find out.


Uncovering Your Past Lives


Once you have a deck of cards, a pen, a journal to make notes in, and the three areas you’re most interested in looking at, shuffle the deck three times and ask your higher self to send through information regarding an important past life. Now cut the deck three times, put it back together, and lay three cards in front of you. Make a note in your journal with the date and the three cards you got.


Let’s say you chose the Event 1/Event 2/Event 3 spread. Look at the first card and see what colors, symbols, or anything else capture your attention.


You could be looking at the first card and know it represents Event 1 and you drew The Chariot. Even if you know nothing about tarot, really look at the card. You can see that it represents movement, perhaps a vehicle, a person holding on tightly as they try to keep control over their mode of transportation. How could this pertain to a past life though? Just relax and let the image seep in. Let your higher self send through the past life information that will be helpful for you now.


Have you always been afraid to drive? Have you always wanted a nice car but can never afford it? Were you in a car accident because somehow you lost control of the wheel? Do you find it difficult to control your life in one or more areas?


Keep asking questions and looking at the card until something shifts inside of you. You’ll know when you hit upon a past life lesson or memory because you might get a sudden adrenaline surge, goosebumps, a chill, or a hot flush. The mind will pick up on the connection first, but you’ll most likely feel it in your body before anything else. Your brain will say to itself, “That’s it!” and send out chemicals that flood your body and make you take notice.


What if you keep looking at the card and nothing clicks into place? Try focusing on something else in the card such as a dominant color, the number, perhaps the time of year the card represents, the way a person looks, or an animal.


You can also write in your journal about this card and the figure or scene. Make up a little story. If there’s a person in the card, what are they doing? How did they get there? What’s something important they need to know? Do they have a message for you? Just let your imagination run. After all, imagination and intuition are closely related. Tap into one and you’ll tap into the other.

Usually there will be something, no matter how small, that perks up your soul and has it releasing its hold on those past life memories. Make notes of any feelings you get or any clues you put together that can help unlock your past lives.

At this point don’t expect any memories to come flooding back. Yes, it might happen. I had one client that had tried everything to uncover her past lives and the tarot actually worked like magic. She emailed me about her very first session with her cards. She drew the 8 of Cups from the Rider-Waite deck and instantly felt a connection with the hooded figure in the card. She wrote a short story about how the love of his life had died and he went off wandering Europe for the rest of his life. In her current life she was the one that left relationships, but she saw the connection, the past life baggage. She was carrying around the wounded heart from that past life and couldn’t bear to lose another love so she’d leave the person before they ended up hurting her somehow. Wow! See how powerful the tarot can be?

Getting back to the Events Spread, let’s say you draw the Knight of Swords for your next life lesson. You look at this guy and he seems pretty intense. Yes, you very well could have been a knight in a past life or some other type of warrior or soldier, but what lesson does it have for you now? Do you avoid confrontation at all cost? Do you find it hard to speak up for yourself? Or are you argumentative? Perhaps you hate when things are unfair or when someone is being wrongly accused and you rush to their aid? Maybe the card, this past life memory and present life lesson, is telling you that you need to be stronger, or a more of a peacekeeper, or to let people fend for themselves sometimes.

Take Notes

Make notes in your journal about anything you feel a connection to or a message your higher self might be sending through. You can write a short story about this card as well. Maybe the story ends up being somewhat of a comedy and this knight, well meaning though he is, always shows up late for battles and often forgets his sword. This could be telling you something about your current life. Are you often late and forgetful? Is he a ladies-man and goes from one relationship to the next without allowing himself to fall in love. Maybe you’re afraid of commitment in your present life?

Exploring your past lives through tarot can be a lot of fun and incredibly eye-opening. Try not to do too many readings in one day though since they could become jumbled, not make sense, or create a block. I advise doing only one three card reading daily. This might not sound like a lot, especially when you’re so excited and first starting out on this journey, but it’s actually more than enough to nudge that information free from your mind and soul.

You might find that you start dreaming about certain past lives and/or things start popping up in your waking life that give concreteness to your past life findings. Using that Knight of Swords as an example, perhaps you start dreaming of that particular life or you start seeing knights on TV or on books or in a store. Knights just start popping up all over! This is a sure sign that your soul is opening up and letting more of those memories come through. It’s also proof that this life truly existed in your past and your higher self is letting you know you’re on the right track.

Again, be sure to keep notes of everything you discover about your past lives. You could have one notebook for each life and write down new information that comes through in that particular journal. This really helps to keep your notes organized so you can go over them and read all about one particular life, find patterns and lessons, rather than leafing through page after page of mixed notes about various lives. As time goes on and you gather more notes about that life and you read them over it will help immerse you in that life and more memories may actually come back to you.

Knowing important things about previous lives is essential to truly knowing who you are in the here and now. Imagine all of the wealth of wisdom waiting to be uncovered!

I'd love to do a past life reading for you as well!

Light and blessings,


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Kelly has a beautiful soul she has been reading for me for many years! Thank you Kelly for everything! Xoxoxo