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4 Easy Ways To Start Attracting Your Soul Mate

Posted by Kelly Wallace on January 15, 2016 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I've been a psychic counselor for a long, long time and the most common readings I'm asked to do are related to love. Clients ask when their soul mate would come along, if they had a past life with this person, if they'd missed their chances, and how to finally attract a passionate, positive love. Simply put, they wanted clarification and guidance on finding love. For many people it seems easy enough to attract the wrong type of partner, but finding someone who is positive, stable, and complements you seems really difficult.


Oh, we know how to do the bad relationships, after all, how many have you been in? Too many to count or too long to think about? That's common and you certainly aren't alone. Finding true love is one of the biggest soul lessons you'll face in each lifetime. Health, love, money, career and purpose are the big paths we struggle with.


So how do you attract love? Maybe you've been on free dating sites, perhaps you paid for membership dating sites. You've done everything you can but your soul mate is more elusive than ever. The following activities will help change your subconscious and your aura energy so that you can begin to attract love.


Exercises: Attracting Your Soul Mate


1. Find a necklace that has rose quartz in it, like a pendant or beads. I prefer a pendant because I can always reach up and touch it to remind myself of my goals. I’m forever touching my necklace. Pink quartz is delicate but powerful. It represents soul-deep love, past life love, friendship, peace, and happiness. It’s like a down-filled pillow for your needs. The thing with pink is that it won’t attract situations in such a huge way that it shocks you (like red would) but it comes softly, which is what I prefer. It allows us to ease into things rather than being knocked over by it.


2. Start buying everything in twos. Buy two of the same plants, hang two pictures on the wall together, buy two rolls of paper towels, two cans of the same soup, etc. Of course, don’t go overboard and deplete your funds, but if you get in the habit of buying and decorating in twos it tells your mind that you already live with someone and it will help bring him physically into your life to fill the spot.


3. Make a life collage of the things you want. Cut photos and words out of magazines that represent the things you want in life and glue them on some poster board. Hang it on a wall in your bedroom and study it for a few moments each morning when you wake up and each night before you go to bed. This technique has helped many of my other clients, no matter what their goals are!


4. Go about your life knowing that you deserve love and that it will come to you. You no longer have to deal with people who aren’t your type. If you want to date them just for fun, so be it, but you don’t want to waste that open space in your soul with the wrong person.

Do You Want To Know?

Is love coming your way? Will you find your soulmate? Is the person you're with your soulmate? How does he/she really feel about you? Is he/she cheating on you? What's in store for your current or potential relationship? Find out why you're feeling unfilled in a relationship. Where should you go? What should you do? Who waits for you in the area of love?


I have been counseling couples and individuals for over 20 years. Let me guide you to the love and passion you desire! I offer psychic insight and honest and caring advice that will help you find the love of your life or transform your dull or stressful relationship into a honeymoon! Or know when it is time to let go and begin anew. Contact me now!

I am able to bring light to interpersonal conflicts and suggest why someone might be reacting in a certain way. My knowledge is expansive, allowing me to work with you as a whole person and your situation, not just individual issues or only certain aspects of your life.


Whether you want answers about a current relationship or wonder if your soul mate is coming and when, purchase a reading today and find out!

Get Your Reading! :)

I look forward to reading for you! Light and blessings,


Success Versus Failure - Why You Can't Accomplish Your Goals

Posted by Kelly Wallace on December 27, 2015 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Have you had a longstanding goal that you've tried and tried to accomplish yet it never gets done? You might have struggled with it for years, seen some positive glimpses of fruition here and there, but somehow it's always out of reach. There are some very good reasons for it that just might surprise you!

1. Have Clear Goals That Excite You

The truth is, only 5 out of every 100 people achieve the success they desire. So what’s so special about successful people? How are they different? Why are they succeeding at their dreams and you aren’t? The answer is easy, successful people know exactly what they want and they stop at nothing to achieve it. They don’t let that fearful little voice inside sabotage them, nor do they let the negativity in their past control them. Despite poverty, abuse, health problems, or other obstacles, they excelled.

2. Stay Focused No Matter What

People who fail are really not that different than those who succeed. (Trust me, I've failed many, many times!) After all, they too want to fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals. The problem is, their minds are all over the place and their past holds them back. They begin working on a goal with complete determination, only to lose steam once they lose sight of their destination, they suffer a setback, or those old patterns rise to the surface.

3. Know What You Want And Why

You can’t succeed at something if you have no idea why you want to achieve it for yourself. Many of us go through life failing at success simply because we’re chasing dreams that aren’t ours. Perhaps these dreams belonged to our parents; it’s what they wanted for us but not what we truly want. Or maybe the dreams you’re chasing found their way into your mind due to what you’ve seen in the media or read in a motivational book. If we followed the media route, we'd forever be chasing the "rich, famous, and beautiful" route. Talk about stress!

4. Release Outgrown Dreams

Or, you may have had this dream when you were much younger and thought all along that this is what you truly want, but as time went on you couldn't admit to yourself that the goal was no longer important. Somehow, we see it as failure if we give up on a dream path that used to be important to us yet we never accomplished it. Why be so hard on yourself? You're meant to change and grow throughout life! I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger and for many years it bothered me that I never accomplished that dream. As I got older I realized that it was a "younger me dream" but I had since outgrown it and wanted to take a different type of healing path.

5. Make New Goals That Align With The Current You

You need to be driven in order to accomplish your goals. All of your energy and motivation comes from the desire to succeed at your very own personal dreams. If you have one or more things on your "to do list" that have been sitting there for months, years, even decades, ask yourself if this is something you really want or if the desire came from some outside influence or yesterday's you. Once you're honest with yourself you should feel a sense of a relief, more clarity, and eagerness to move forward with what truly matters to you. 

If you know what you want and are completely focused on achieving it, if you know why you want it and will do whatever it takes to make it happen, then you can’t possibly fail. You will succeed to one degree or another.

What have you been chasing for years yet never accomplished? Who taught you that this was the right path for you? If you could release all of those unfinished tasks and start on something new and you, what would it be? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section! :D

Light and blessings,


Psychic Vampires - Are You Being Attacked?

Posted by Kelly Wallace on August 14, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

How To Know If A Toxic Person Is Draining Your Energy


Everyone and everything puts out vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings are released into the air around us and others are affected by it. If you’re generally a positive person you’ll find that people (and even animals) probably like being around you. Without you speaking a word they may tell you that you’ve made them feel better. They don’t realize that they’re absorbing your positive energy, and most of the time this is okay. You probably have some people you enjoy being around because they make you feel good, just as you benefit them with positive energy as well. Life is all about give and take, though it should be in balance.


However, I bet you know at least one person who takes far more than they give back. When this person is around your mood shifts and your energy levels plummet or become almost hyperactive. You might already know or suspect that you’ve been the victim of a psychic vampire, but do you have the type of personality, the current type of aura, that targets you as a victim for energy drainers? This quiz will show how sensitive you are to these types of people.


1. Do you often feel physical drained or sleepy after being around a friend or relative?


2. Is it hard for you to say "no" when someone asks for a favor?


3. Do people often intrude on your privacy or personal time?


4. Do you often feel that people walk all over you?


5. Do you feel overwhelmed when in crowds?


6. Are you often asked to do the work nobody else wants to do?


7. Do you rush into situations with your heart rather than using your head?


8. Are you a people pleaser, always setting your own needs aside?


9. Is it difficult for you to ask people for help because you don't want to feel like you're bothering them or don’t want to be a burden?


10. Do you feel nervous interacting with others, especially strangers?


11. Is it important that you are well liked by others and feel badly if someone doesn't seem to like you?


12. Do some situations make you feel so overly stimulated that all you want to do is lock yourself in your room?


13. Do you tend to get sick more often than others do?


14. Do you experience fatigue, dizziness, foggy thinking, and/or headaches though your doctor says there's nothing wrong with you?


As you looked over the list you may have found that you answered yes to many of the above scenarios. If so, chances are you’re a psychic empath, someone who’s naturally sensitive to the energies of people, places, and things. Psychic empaths are particularly sensitive to psychic attacks. Years ago I would have said yes to nearly everything on this list! That doesn’t mean we’re weak, it just means we’re psychically sensitive. We pick up on the subtle and not-so-subtle energies people give off. This is actually a wonderful gift but it’s like having a magic wand and not knowing how to operate it.

The first step to reclaiming your personal power is simply acknowledging that you’re a very sensitive person. Once you realize this it’s easier to begin working on cleansing and protecting yourself from these energy predators and toxic people.

For more information, exercises, and guidance on recognizing psychic vampires and cleansing and strengthening your own energy field, get my book Psychic Vampires - How To Protect And Heal Yourself From Energy Predators

Available on:

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Having Trouble Meditating? Here Are 6 Simple Tricks

Posted by Kelly Wallace on July 9, 2015 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I've gotten many emails from clients and readers saying they have trouble meditating. They either can't relax, can't focus, can't visualize, or simply can't clear their mind enough. Don't worry, I'm not good at clearing my mind either, so don't worry. I think this is true of most people. Here are some of the things that I've found to be helpful:


1. Self-hypnosis (My favorite is Joseph Clough. He has an app with a couple of free downloads in the Google App Store.) Be sure to use headphones since this works best. I also turn the volume down low enough to hear the guidance, yet not be disturbing.


2. As you're meditating, allow any thoughts or images to float in and out of your mind. Rather than capturing anything, just gently "look" at it (or think about it), thank your mind for bringing it to your attention, then let it float away.


3. If you aren't good at visualizing, you can teach yourself to do so by simply thinking about a chalkboard. If it helps, look at a picture of one before you meditate so you can firmly get the look of it in your mind. Just relax and allow any words to appear on the chalkboard or come to you as thoughts. This is excellent for asking your guides questions. You can start out with simple yes/no questions. You can say something like, "Dear spirit guides, should I take that new job?" (Or whatever you'd like to ask.) Then see what guidance you get and how you feel about it. The soul always knows!


4. Meditate when you wake up. This is sometimes easier than doing it during the day or before they go to bed at night after all of the day's stimulation.


5. Put headphones on and listen to softly playing classical music or nature sounds as you meditate.


6. Take a walk. Believe it or not, this gives some of the same benefits of meditation, plus you're getting in a bit of exercise. Simply walking around the block is good enough, but if you can do it someplace where there's a bit of nature, so much the better. Avoid very busy places though.


Meditation does take practice, but over time you should find that it becomes easier. I always tell readers and clients that I practice active meditation rather than passive. It's impossible for me to have a completely blank mind, so I do my relaxation and breathing exercise then allow my mind to send what it feels I need to know. At first it may feel that too much is passing through, but take a breath and as you breathe out, let it go. At some point you should sense your mind calming down.


I hope you found these tips to be helpful. Also, I invite you to sign up as a member of my website, if you aren't one already. Once you do I'll send you a free ebook and about twice a month, sometimes less, I'll send an email letting you know about new books and any specials I have on my readings, new blogs posts, etc.


I look forward to reading for you!


Light and blessings,



How To Create Miracles - 5 Steps To Making Good Things Happen

Posted by Kelly Wallace on June 18, 2015 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

In my book Make Miracles Happen I talk about how changing limiting beliefs allow you to see and attract miracles more easily in your everyday life. Right now I invite you to roll up your sleeves and see how easy it is to also create your miracles!


1. Believe It - This is the biggest challenge you'll need to overcome in order to manifest what you want. Even if you can't completely let go and have faith and trust that you can attract miracles that will make your dreams come true, at least see it as a possibility. The more you consider it possible and you start experiencing success in your life, the easier it will be to believe in miracles.


2. Get Clear - Make clear, detailed choices about what you want for yourself. Rather than saying something like, "I want to lose weight!" which has no clarity to it, you might want to say, "I want to lose a total of 40 pounds within the next six months. That's an average weight loss of about 2 pounds per week." Or, you might want to quit your job and work for yourself. Instead of saying over and over again how badly you want to work for yourself, focus on what you want to do and set a realistic timeframe. When you have more clarity on what you truly want it's easier to attract the means to get you there. Get very, very clear on what you want to do, be, or attain and realize you can have it all!


3. Start Small - The bigger the miracle you want to manifest in your life, the longer it's going to take for it to come to fruition. While you're waiting for and working on that big miracle, work on some smaller ones too. See if you can manifest an extra $20 this week, or a great parking spot, or an answer to one of your smaller problems. My daughter did that very thing recently. She needed a new tire and was riding around on her spare. She didn't have the extra money for a tire but sent the thought out into the universe that she needed about $50 for a tire. She had no idea where the money would come from, but a couple of days later a friend of hers asked if she could watch her dog for the weekend and she'd pay her $60. A miracle, for sure!


4. Focused intent - There are infinite possibilities in life and endless miracles so forget whatever you currently believe or believed when it comes to making miracles! All you need to create miracles in your life is focused intent. This takes discipline and developing new habits from how you currently think and act. You'll need to direct your thoughts and feelings in the direction of the miracle you're trying to conjure up. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, focus on what you want. Tell yourself that you'll get out of your own way, allowing this miracle to unfold before you. While you think about this miracle you'd like to take place, allow positive feelings to wash over you at the thought of this happening to you and in your life. Visualize what life will be like once this miracle happens. How will you feel? How will your life change? What do you want to accomplish with this miracle? How good, confident, excited, happy or peaceful will you feel once you've experienced this miracle?


Up until now you've wasted precious energy on unconsciously focusing on everything you don't in your life. This creates a barrier, blocking all the things you truly do want from entering your life. Let go of the stress, the fear, the worry, and instead focus on the positive--what you desire for yourself and your life. Chances are, you'll feel a tremendous load being lifted from your shoulders. Worrying and being negative drains us, wears us down, and actually prevents miracles from finding us!


5. Follow good feelings - So many of us live a life filled with compromise and struggle. We stay at jobs we hate, in relationships that are toxic, living lifestyles that are unhealthy. We know it doesn't feel good, yet we keep doing it. From now on give yourself permission to do what feels good. That doesn't mean you should quit your job on the spot. After all, you probably have bills to pay. However, if you're unhappy with your current job, make a commitment to find a new one. Spend time each day filling out applications until you land a better job. If you're unhappy in your current relationship, maybe it's time to part ways so you can find someone who's a better match for you. Staying in a miserable job or miserable relationship is simply a time waster. Life is too short and miracles will have a harder time getting through those negative barriers. The way you feel equals what you attract, so following a life that makes you feel happy should be a top priority.


By following these five tips you'll be able to create what you want in your life rather than feeling at the mercy of whatever's flung your way. You'll be raising your vibrational level and increasing your power to create miracles naturally and almost effortlessly!

The Good Radio Network

Posted by Kelly Wallace on February 26, 2015 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

My dear friend Frankie Picasso is the woman who started this international radio show that focuses on everyday people doing incredible things to help others and our planet. Frankie knows that each and every one of us is capable of doing something positive, something right and good each and every day, no matter how seemingly insignificant you may think it is. Positive actions create a butterfly effect, spreading far and wide!

I urge you to stop by the Good Radio Network website to learn more about it and to listen past shows with some very inspiring people she's interviewed. You can also find out what you can do to help spread positive energy and actions because doing good feels good! :)

Does Your Inner Child Need Healing?

Posted by Kelly Wallace on February 18, 2015 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Does your inner child need healing? Since you're reading this blog post you most likely know she/he does, but here’s a quiz to find out if your child within needs to be healed. As you go over the questions answer yes or no to each one. Don’t think too long or hard, just let your subconscious take over and choose the first answer that comes to mind.

Most people won’t experience all of the below feelings or situations all of the time, but if you believe it’s a real problem or that you’re dealing with something more often than not, answer yes. If you rarely or never feel a certain way or experience the scenario in one of the questions, answer no.

While taking the quiz, feelings of denial, anxiety, stress, or disassociation may pop up. Even if they do, breathe through it and continue on with the questionnaire since it’s an important first step in the healing process.

1. Do one or both of your parents have addictions or mental issues?

2. Do you have any addictions, including shopping, food, sex, relationships, alcohol, drugs, or are you constantly in debt?

3. Did you experience neglect or abuse as a child? This includes mental, physical, emotional, sexual, and/or religious abuse.

4. Do you sometimes feel helpless or hopeless?

5. Do you have trouble falling asleep or do you wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to fall back to sleep?

6. Do you disassociate yourself from certain situations or people?

7. Do you find it hard to handle stress or that you feel stressed often?

8. Do you feel insecure and lack confidence?

9. Do you suffer with anxiety and/or depression?

10. Do you have low self-esteem?

11. Do you have problems with relationships? Perhaps you keep choosing the wrong type of partner or friends, or find that you stay in unhealthy relationships.

12. Are you sometimes overly emotional or the exact opposite; you feel numb and blank at times?

13. Do you avoid any type of conflict?

14. Have you abandoned your dreams due to self-doubt?

15. Do you make excuses as to why you haven’t accomplished something that was important to you?

16. Are you often late or do people comment that you’re unreliable, disorganized, or flaky?

17. Do you have chronic health problems that the doctors have no answer for? They may tell you there’s nothing clinically wrong and it’s “all in your head”?

18. Do you sometimes feel you’re not good enough, dumb, ugly, a loser, unlovable, or any other negative label?

19. Do you start on a project or goal with optimism and energy, only to abandon it at some point?

20. Do you find it hard to make or keep friends?

21. Are you often suspicious and/or find it hard to trust others, especially a romantic partner?

22. Is it difficult for you to get close to others or are you the other extreme and find it hard to draw physical or emotional boundaries?

23. Do you often feel taken advantage of or unappreciated?

24. Are you shy, introverted, socially awkward, and/or avoid social settings?

25. Do you have any type of phobias?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it’s a sure sign that your inner child is wounded in some way. The more you answered yes to, the more healing work you’ll need to do. Years ago when I was on my own healing journey I would have answered yes to just about everything! If, like I did, you experience many of these scenarios, don’t feel hopeless or worried; I’m living proof that you can and will heal if you put in the work needed. And that’s why I wrote Healing The Child Within; I want you to finally have the life you desire and deserve. This book is based on my own inner child healing journey, countless hours of reading and research, and over 20 years of being a professional psychic counselor and helping others on their own healing journeys.

Previous clients that have followed my guidance and suggestions have successfully healed their inner child and have happier, more successful lives in all areas. In the beginning though, many found that exploring this wounded part of themselves was overwhelming and often frightening. If you find yourself feeling this way, please tell yourself that it’s safe to change and it’s time to heal and grow. You’ll be so glad you started this journey!

Find out how to heal your inner child with my new book Healing The Child Within available in ebook and paperback! Having a psychic reading through me is also very helpful when you're starting a healing path. I look forward to reading for you!

Light and blessings,




Life Collage - Accomplish Your Goals And Dreams!

Posted by Kelly Wallace on January 9, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is here! I know that for most of us a new year brings with it resolutions, goals, dreams, and plans we’d like to fulfill. We start out strong and determined, only to lose focus at some point and once again our dreams are left behind. I was guilty of this myself for more years than I care to admit to. Something that’s helped me more than anything though is to create a life collage. It’s a very simple, fun and creative blueprint of what you’d like to accomplish. Best of all, it takes such little effort but the payoffs are enormous!

As humans, we need daily reminders of what we want and need. Out of sight equal out of mind, right? So, all you need are:

A piece of poster board about 18” x 12”

A glue stick

A pair of scissors

Some magazines you like

Look through your magazines and cut out any pictures and words that resonate with you and your dreams. I choose about 4 or 5 paths at one time. On my current Life Collage I have love, family, travel, career, and health. For instance, you can cut out a picture of a couple hugging and find words to go with it such as, “marriage, love, couple, happy” things like this. You can cut out a picture of an engagement ring, of a new car, a house, whatever you’d like. These are your dreams!

When you’ve gotten as many pictures and words as you'd like, arrange them on the poster board in collage fashion and glue them on. Put this up on the wall in your bedroom and look at it every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up. Don't just glance at it, but look at every word and every picture on your Life Collage. Since humans are incredibly visual, as you look at these words and pictures, they'll seep into your subconscious where real changes and action can take place.

Slowly but surely you’ll find the things on your Life Collage coming true. With my first board it took about three years, but everything on it happened. I’m now on my third Life Collage and things are going along a lot more quickly. In fact, most of the things have taken place in only six months.

Don’t let the simplicity of this exercise fool you; within months, weeks, even days, you should begin seeing changes and attracting opportunities that lead you to your dreams and goals!

Kelly Wallace

Raising Your Spiritual Energy

Posted by Kelly Wallace on November 9, 2014 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Your body, like your thoughts, is pure energy, though your thoughts are much more powerful at creating your life than your body is. Why? Because your thoughts have no limitations such as gravity and the material plane. However, since we are beings of pure energy, we affect everything around us and vice versa. You are literally an energy magnet.

To show how strong energy is, you’ve probably walked into a room and, even if the room was completely empty, you sensed energy. Perhaps the vibes you felt were heavy, or buzzing, or an eerie void. Since we all emit energy, whatever took place in a room--or anywhere on Earth--it saturates the area with energy particles. The more intense the event, the stronger the energy and the longer the vibrations will hang around, whether a wedding or a war. Unfortunately, it’s usually the negative energies that stick around longest since so much emotion is involved.

Not only are locations saturated with energy, but it’s within you as well. Everything you think, feel, and eat affects your energy field. It seems logical then that we should surround ourselves with good people and events, and fill ourselves with good (healthy) food and thoughts. In turn, this will allow your spiritual energy to vibrate at a higher rate, helping you to be healthier all around.

Thoughts Are Powerful

For just a moment, think about the biggest problem you’re facing in life right now. Now think about something or someone you’re grateful for. Did you notice how differently you felt when thinking of one and then the other? Thoughts have vibrations and those vibrations affect your emotions and even your physical body.

I’m sure you’ve been in this “zone” before: Things are going well in your life, your mood is bright, and you attract positive people and opportunities with ease. Even if this zone lasted only a short while, you felt unstoppable. Imagine if you always lived your life from this place of incredible spiritual energy!

This isn’t an impossibility. In fact, as a spiritual being this is a natural state. The problem is, we allow our mind and emotions to run our lives rather than operating from a place of spirituality. We over think and overreact. Soon, life is a mess or completely stagnant.

By learning a few simple meditation and visualization exercises you can reconnect with your spiritual self, shift your energy, and live life from the wondrous place of your higher self. You can do all of the exercises together or pick and choose the ones that resonate most with you at this time. When needed, feel free to do any of the other exercises.

In my own life I tend to do all five exercises at once before I even get out of bed in the morning. It only takes a few minutes, but when I do so, I notice I feel more relaxed, confident, and positive. Throughout the day I may need to do one or more of the other exercises. Maybe I’ve been a bit stressed, so I do the grounding exercise. Perhaps someone negative is talking to me, then I do the own your energy exercise. Do what feels right and most comfortable for you.

1. Center yourself: As you did in the previous exercise, find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax for a few minutes, focusing on your breathing and consciously relaxing your body. Once you feel relaxed, center yourself by bringing all of your awareness to your third eye which is in the middle of your forehead and back a few inches in your head. In this space it should feel peaceful and quiet.

Now move your awareness directly on your forehead. This is the area of your mind where all of your thinking and planning takes place. While concentrating on this area of your head you may find it very busy or overwhelming. It’s amazing at the constant thoughts whirling around there!

Move back to the center of your head and find that place of peace again. This is where you can work with your higher self and access any information and truths you’re seeking. Don’t worry if you can’t find this quiet center at first. You get used to thinking, worrying, and so much inner chatter that your higher, wiser self is sometimes hard to tap into in the beginning. Don’t give up though, your true essence is there.

When you get used to bringing your attention to the center of your mind, you can analyze your life better and make healthier decisions. You will be running your life rather than your mind and emotions running you. In this space life becomes easier, we become wiser, calmer, more loving and intuitive.

2. Ground yourself: Imagine a white light flowing in through the top of your head, down your spine, out through your feet, and into the center of the Earth. Allow this calming and cleansing white light to fill you, surround you, grounding you to the planet, to the present, and releasing all worries and fears. Stay with this image for a moment until you feel a sense of peace, a calmness, a subtle shift in energy, a humming sensation, anything different that shows you’re grounded and the meditation is working. At first it might be hard to tell if you’re feeling differently, but over time it will become stronger. Even if you feel absolutely nothing, believe you’re grounded and move to the next step.

3. Focus on your aura: This is your natural energy field that exists inside of you and spreads outward. If your aura is very strong it can extend outward several feet, though in the beginning it may only extend an inch or so. Your aura is an electromagnetic field you see everything through and everyone sees you through. You can think of it as a glass egg or window. If the window is clear you see life more clearly and pursue goals more easily. If the window is dirty it’s difficult to see things easily, decisions and life in general becomes muddied, and people can’t see the real you. Also, when your aura energy is strong you create healthy boundaries instead of allowing others to deplete your energy or inflict their emotions onto you.

I go into detail on how to heal, cleanse, and strengthen your aura in my book Energy Work: Heal, Cleanse, and Strengthen Your Aura. Right now I’ll share an easy way to work with your aura. As we’ve been doing, visualize that white light still pouring down from the Universe and into the top of your head, filling you, expanding outward until it surrounds you. White represents spirituality, cleansing, and renewal. Over time you may want to work with other colors, but for now we’ll focus on white since it’s a great basic color.

Feel the warmth of this comforting light and naturally allow it to grow in intensity. Imagine that you light up, just like a light bulb, and this energy is all around you. In the beginning you may only feel a slight warmth or movement in your solar plexus and can only visualize a small light. As you get better at working with your spiritual energy you’ll find that your aura light becomes stronger and wider, extending two feet or more beyond your head and body.

4. Own your energy: This is another important step. So often we allow others to take our energy from us. Have you noticed that when you’re around certain people they seem to drain you, leaving you tired, depressed, anxious, or irritable? That’s because, without realizing it, you’re handing over all of your spiritual energy to this person. Even focusing intently on a project can deplete your personal energy.

When you’re with a person like this or in a situation that typically drains you such as work or taking a test, imagine a golden ball of light floating a foot or so above your head. Visualize this golden ball as being a high-powered magnet that only attracts positive energies from the universe and your guides or angels. Once the golden light seems filled with positive energies bring it down through the top of your head and allow this golden light to spread throughout your entire body and organs. Then imagine the light flowing around you like a protective egg extending a foot or more all around you. At this point you should feel more confident and relaxed.

5. Your higher self: Now that you’ve worked on creating a stronger aura and owning your spiritual energy, I want you to allow your higher self, this being of light and energy you truly are, to focus on your mind, body, and emotions. Don’t think about anything too much and don’t allow your lower Earth self to get involved. Simply act as if you were an angel or spirit guide looking you over and finding areas that are heavy or dark. With your inner mind scan every part of your body, inside and out. When you find an area that’s out of sync with your higher self, send light to it--either white or gold--until you feel the area shift. Imagine that wounded, worried, or empty part of yourself as being light as a feather and filled with your aura energy.

Awhile back I had a bad fall and broke my ankle and wrist. As an author, typing is a huge part of my day, but my previously wounded wrist constantly protests. I’ve been to physical therapy and everything is fine, it’s just that my mind remembers the wrist was hurt and it doesn’t want me to use it. My mind is trying to protect me, but in reality there’s no need for it. I’m healed and fine. However, at this moment after typing so much it feels painful. So, what I’ll do right now is focus on the sore area and shift my spiritual energy, bringing a warm, golden light to my wrist. I’ll visualize the light soothing the area, strengthening it, relaxing it and removing the pain. All it takes is a few seconds and no more than a minute. Just now I took a moment to do the exercise and, believe it or not, the pain is now gone. It’s amazing to know how strong our energy really is and the things it’s capable of.

Once you’ve done one or more of the previous exercises, simply open your eyes, take a deep breath in then out, and stretch a bit before getting up.

Every moment of every day you’re creating your own reality. I can’t stress that enough: You are creating your own reality! Just by following those five tips, you can learn to become more aware of your spiritual energy, strengthen it, shift it, and operate at a high level of awareness for a healthier, happy life.

Blessings to you always and in all ways!


How To Leave The Past Behind

Posted by Kelly Wallace on October 9, 2014 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Everything you do is guided by how you view your past. Think it's not true? If you aren't in a happy relationship, if your finances are beyond precarious, if your job is unfulfilling or if you're unfulfilled in any other way this is a clear indication that your past is in the driver's seat.

Want more proof? Think of a dream you have. This could be going back to school, getting away from Mr./Ms. Wrong, or finally leaving that dead end job. What happens when you imagine this? Things pop up all over the place to stop you from moving forward, don't they? You can't even get past the thought process yet alone actually put any effort forth to create a better life. You feel afraid, unworthy, confused, stressed, or maybe even anxious. You come up with a lot of excuses not to pursue happiness. That's your past controlling you. That's the negative, lost or screwed up people you encountered who had a hand in programming your brain.

50% of your emotional programming takes place by the age of 5. All along you thought you were the one on the top deck steering your ship of life, only to discover that you've been down in the hold and had no idea where you were going. Meanwhile, there's a child who's barely in kindergarten directing your life!

Right here, right now, refuse to dwell on them any more. All it serves is to bring your energy level down, and surround you with an aura that deflects anything good from coming into your life. Holding anger against someone or sadness about something in the past doesn't change things; it only controls you day after day.

Exercises: Laying The Past To Rest

1. Every time a negative thought from your past pops up and tries to take over the driver's seat, replace it with a positive thought that is equally powerful. For instance, say you were abused as a child and a certain event pops into your mind. Instead of giving in to the memory, bring up a happy memory you have and recall it in as much detail as possible. Your mind has gotten so used to playing over those sad or scary events that it's second nature, but when you interrupt the thought and replace it with something happy you'll begin creating new neural pathways in your brain. Soon, your mind will automatically cruise along on those new and happier paths rather than the old ones.

2. If you can't think of anything happy, ask your angel to come to you. Close your eyes and imagine your angel standing in front of you, wrapping its wings around you, holding you, loving you, calming your fears and soothing your anger or sadness. Take a few deep breaths as you feel the loving energy your angel fills you with and all negativity in you being released. Ask your angel to help you let go of the past. Stay with this visualization until you feel a sense of lightness or letting go. This is always such an easy yet powerful visualization!

3. If you have very few happy memories, or find it hard to come up with something when anger or pain strikes, make a list of some happier times when you're in a good mood and read it when you're feeling down. You could even write down future events that you hope to experience. If you were in a very bad relationship, write down what you require in your next relationship. Write down what your future mate will be like and some happy times that you'd like to share with this person.

4. Another method I often use is to say the word “Stop!” or yell it out in my mind whenever my thoughts are going downhill fast. I then imagine handing my angel a box filled with my negative thoughts. My angel takes this box, shines loving light on it, and the negative thoughts disappear. Doing this interrupts my current thought mode and has me leading it down a more positive path. The past is gone, it's done and over. The only way it can have any effect on you now is if you let it.

I hope you try some or all of these exercises to leave your past behind so that you can live a happier, more successful life. You deserve it!

Light and blessings,