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Past Life Regression - What To Know Before You Begin Your Journey

Posted by Kelly Wallace on February 4, 2016 at 3:20 PM

I've been doing past life readings for decades now and am in the midst of writing a book on the subject. Sometimes the idea of having lived several times before is overwhelming. Since you're reading this, you probably wholly or partly believe you've lived before, but if you still aren’t certain that past life recall can help you or what it can actually do for you, let’s take a look at some common questions clients have asked me over the years before beginning their journey.

 Q: Will everything I experience through past life exploration actually be past life memories?

A: If what you learn through your past life exploration journey helps you have a happier, healthier, more successful life in any way then this is because what you tapped into was true past life memories. Just thinking about what you might have been or done won't change you in any way. It's when a memory is real that you begin to experience true shifts in your current life. 

Q: What if what I uncover is really just my overactive imagination?

A: That’s okay! The imagination and soul walk hand-in-hand. Even if you feel it’s just your imagination being unleashed during your past life exploration (PLE) sessions, who cares? This is an awesome way to release the bonds of everyday life and free your mind. It helps to get your creativity flowing which in turn leads you to a better life.

Q: My life is a mess! Can past life exploration really help?

A: PLE can definitely help heal emotional and spiritual trauma, as well as calming any chaos or drama in your present life. Once you discover how old your soul truly is, how wise and powerful you honestly are, how could you possibly continue with your life as it is now? You won’t. You’re mind will open, your soul will stretch, and you’ll reach beyond your present limitations and achieve your goals.

Q: My life is doing pretty well. Can PLE still be helpful?

A: Even if things are good, they can alway be better. We should continually grow--mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Past life exploration can help bring you greater clarity and focus. It can also help you make better decisions and fine-tune your personality so you can be the best "you" possible.

Q: Aren’t we just at the mercy of fate?

A: Nothing is written in stone. We have complete free-will, whether we like to admit it or not. It’s so much easier to believe we have no control and then just go wherever life takes us. What’s actually happening though is what you’re focusing on is expanding. You’re reaping what you’re sowing each and every day. Your subconscious is guiding you along your current path and you aren't really doing much about it. Past life recall can help you become more aware of your decision-making process and keep you from unintentionally making the same mistakes you've made in one or more past lives. You will be the master of your destiny rather than a puppet. 

Q: I’ve read that PLE can bring hidden potential to the surface. Is that true?

A: Every person on this Earth has skills and talents that are untapped. Most will allow this potential to remain buried until some future life. Why do that though? By exploring your past lives you can rouse so many attributes that can help you succeed and enjoy a richer, more rewarding life. I had one client that asked what one of her talents had been in a past life. I said that I saw her as a wonderful piano player. Little did I know, one month prior she had started taking piano lessons! She had always been drawn to playing but finally decided to do something about it.

With myself, I’ve been a doctor, a writer, business owner, and played in a symphony in various past lives. In my current life I’m drawn to all of these things but in different ways. I’ve played the flute since I was a young teenager, having taught myself. I do it for fun and relaxation. I’m always starting some new business, and most of them pay off quite well. My past life medical skills showed up in my current life as following natural healing. And the writer? Well, I still love writing! Discovering your own talents just might change your life forever.

I could go on and on with all of the questions I’ve been asked about past life recall and past life exploration, but I think it’s best to just do it. When you do, you’ll discover some incredible things and have a better understanding of who you truly are and how to create a wonderful present life, while ensuring much better future lives for yourself.

I look forward to reading for you. Light and blessings,





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