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14 Past Life Facts - Why Your Past Lives Are Important

Posted by Kelly Wallace on February 19, 2016 at 3:00 PM

You may think, "My life is happening right now, in the present, so why be worried about something that happened 75, 150, or 2,000 years ago?" Because, understanding the past can offer clues to present day problems and offer information on how to overcome or succeed at current experiences. I’m not going to try to convince you that past lives are a fact, I’m taking for granted that you believe in them or have an open mind to the possiblity since you're reading this article. Okay, let’s take a look at a few past life facts:

1. The human soul is like a computer hard drive; everything you’ve experienced is stored in the soul as programs. By remembering and then releasing these old programs your current life issues can be resolved and positive, new patterns pursued.

2. If you carry around chronic stress, fear, anxiety, phobias, habits, or addictions and you see no connection with something that occurred in your present life, then I guarantee a past life is the culprit.

3. Some people are born with birthmarks--past life imprints--in areas where they were wounded or the birthmark is shaped like a physical object or initial that led to their death.

4. We’re all allowed a period of rest between lives where we can review past experiences, prepare for our next life, and even choose it, but some of us come back too quickly or have something very important to learn--which is one reason why some of us struggle more than others.

5. Each lifetime can be viewed as another year in school where we pick up where we left off. Yes, some people flunk a few grades and others skip up a few.

6. In addition to dragging along baggage from past lives, we also bring with us skills and abilities. You’ve probably read stories about child geniuses that can play a musical instrument or paint like a pro. While those kids are the extreme, we all carry with us talents that can help us in this lifetime.

7. It’s not necessary to immerse yourself in every past life in order to heal and progress. A few simple activities is all it really takes. Of course, once we open the door to our past lives we often become so fascinated that we want to know more and more about them! (I’ll offer some easy exercises in my upcoming book Clear Your Karma: The Healing Power Of Your Past Lives that will help you connect with any and all of them.)

8. Dream work, self-hypnosis, and psychic readings by a trusted professional are three of the best ways to work with your past lives.

9. We all have a core soul group and a larger soul group. We’re always reincarnated with various people from these groups.

10. Our genders change, though some people have a preference and may choose one sex more often than another.

11. It’s rare to have been someone famous or powerful.

12. Some mannerisms are carried over from one life to the next. One of my daughters has always had a slight accent that can’t be placed from this lifetime.

13. You’re usually attracted to certain geographic settings or time periods that relate to one or more past lives you’ve had.

14. Your past lives have a strong effect on your current life.


I’ll get into many of these past life facts in more detail in my upcoming book, but I wanted to give you just a glimpse of how incredibly important past lives are! If anyone tells you they have no impact on your current life, they’re wrong, wrong, wrong!

I've been doing past life readings for decades now so if you're interested in uncovering the past life/lives that are affecting you most at this point in time, purchase and reading and let's find out what's going on. I'm sure it will be an eye-opener for you. :D Get your reading here.

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