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Top 10 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Kelly Wallace on February 24, 2016 at 3:55 PM

A Spiritual Awakening...Isn’t this what most of us strive for? That one grand moment, or a collection of smaller moments, that have you seeing life and everything in it from a totally different perspective? A place where you can finally live life as your higher self?

Sometimes walking a spiritual path can be very lonely. Not many people are brave enough to reach for their spiritual gifts let alone embracing them and living life from this place every day. In my own life there were many times when I questioned my intuition and never followed it, refusing to trust in my higher self, my own spiritual energy. After awhile I realized how ridiculous this was. I wanted to be happy, healthy, and financially well off. It was obvious my spiritual self knew how to get there, but my fearful Earth self had a hard time trusting. Once I did though life changed dramatically for me.

But another odd thing happened; I lost many friends. They felt I was no longer the same person, and they were right, I wasn’t! I was pursuing the life of my dreams and, since like attracts like, I began attracting other people who were successful and spiritual while old friends drifted away. Rather than feeling sad or angry, I accepted this, knowing I was going through a growing phase.

I haven’t regretted a single moment of embracing my true essence. Though, like physical and emotional growth, it comes with pain and loss. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone else at the time who had gone through a spiritual awakening so I felt very confused, emotional, and sometimes afraid. Spirituality is so much bigger than our Earth selves that it can often be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what’s going on. You feel like you’re going crazy, not realizing you’re waking up on a spiritual level.

How do you know if you’re having a spiritual awakening? Here are the top ten signs to look out for. They shouldn’t be confused with anything that requires medical help. These are purely spiritual-based symptoms that may show up mentally, emotionally or even physically.

Top 10 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

1. A dramatic change or shift in sleep patterns, libido, career, food preferences, and/or relationships.

2. A surge in creativity and energy pushing you to detoxify your body, de-clutter your home, begin a project you had wanted to do but previously put off, and simplifying your life.

3. Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy and a desire to pursue something else.

4. Yearning for more freedom or excitement.

5. Depression, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, hot flashes, “hearing voices”, a sensation of someone being in the room with you.

6. Problems with electric items such as static coming from the TV or radio, lights flickering or going out, touching things and producing static electricity far more than usual.

7. Experiencing an increase in intuition, psychic abilities, and/or synchronicities.

8. Heightened awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Feeling more in tune with or aware of others responses, their body language, and their emotions.

9. Sudden healing of your mind, body, or emotions. For example, an episode in your past may have bothered you a great deal for many years and suddenly it no longer has power over you.

10. Current friends or loved ones seem to be drifting away or acting strange around you, even angry or frustrated.

These are common symptoms people mention after they realize they’ve gone through a tremendous spiritual growth spurt. I’d like to discuss two of the symptoms in more detail and why they happen.

Anxiety or Panic Attacks

When changes occur we tend to fight against them. As creatures of habit, we like things to stay the way they are, even if we want to be happier and healthier. When spiritual growth takes place it happens at a deep level, affecting your emotions, your mind, and body. You might not understand why you start feeling odd, why you begin experiencing panic attacks or anxiety, you may break out in a sweat and start having nightmares or unable to sleep well.

The reason this happens is because your higher self is trying to help you heal and grow. Anxiety and the other symptoms I just talked about pop up because you’re resisting the clearing process. You sense changes are taking place and some part of your mind and emotions rebel against it. Your soul wants to be whole and aligned, but when the fragmented parts rise to the surface either to be healed or released, we sense it as danger.

When you feel this anxiety rising remind yourself that it’s fragmented energy flowing through you and it will soon pass. Take a deep breath and visualize the white or gold light filling you as we practiced with earlier. Send the healing energy to any places within you that feel particularly dark or off in some way. Repeat to yourself, “I allow my energy to change for my own highest good. I live my life from a place of love, success, and happiness. Life is easy.”

You may notice your energy shifting to a higher, more positive vibrational state right away, or it may take days or even weeks. It all depends on the amount of healing taking place inside, how confident you are with your spiritual process, and how deep of an awakening you experience. You may have a tremendously big spiritual awakening all at once or it may come to you in phases throughout time. I recall having a few larger ones with many small ones in between.

At times an anxiety attack may be due to your aura field suddenly vibrating at such a high frequency that you need to find a way to slow it down a bit. A few good ways to release this pent up energy is to go for a walk, dance, sing, exercise, or meditate.

Physical Sensations

Although it should be natural for us to live as spiritual beings of light in a physical body, this isn’t typically the case. We often forget, and some people never realize, that the physical self is merely a temporary house and the soul goes on forever. When you experience spiritual growth the old cellular structures shift, change, and even dissolve, making way for newer, lighter cell structures.

Learning to align the physical body and spiritual self can be uncomfortable if you don’t know how to handle it. Once you have enough cells vibrating at a higher rate, you’ll feel better than you have in years, or ever. In the mean time though you may experience detox symptoms, much life flu symptoms, along with fatigue, headaches, and fuzzy thinking. You may notice your scalp or skin tingles, feel a sudden burst of heat or cold rush through your body, along with aches and pains.

If you experience pain or aching sensations, this could be an area of your body where the energy is blocked or stuck. Persistent headaches can point to the third eye opening, while stomach aches or a heavy feeling in your chest may relate to feelings you haven’t faced and healed. Pain in the legs can show you’re unsure of what path to take in life or you may feel held back in some way. A chronic cough or sore throat often relates to something that needs to be said to someone but you haven’t yet.

Other physical sensations you may notice is when you’re meditating certain parts of your body tingle or feel warm. You could also feel as if you’re floating outside of your body. As I got better at aligning my physical and spiritual self, I noticed that when I meditated my soul would suddenly become huge, unable to fit inside my body.

Some ways to handle physical changes and sensations are through yoga, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, Epsom salt baths, and other holistic therapies.

When I was going through a spiritual growth episode that was particularly big I had daily headaches. Nothing to rush off to the doctor or emergency room over, but enough to bother me and affect my mood, energy levels and thoughts. I studied aromatherapy and used geranium oil, just a drop massaged into my temples, and it worked wonders. Holistic therapies are much gentler than other therapies, thereby helping you to heal and become stronger in more subtle ways so all levels of your being can work together.

When you experience spiritual growth you need to be very aware of your thoughts and your self-talk. At this point you are changing at such a fast rate and have more power than you imagine. It’s at these times that negative self-talk and actions make the most impact and can undo everything you’ve been working toward. When you catch your lower, fearful self trying to sabotage your efforts, gently send it love as you would to a small child. Thank that worried or angry voice for sharing with you, then send healing light to it. In time these darker parts of you will heal and you’ll find yourself manifesting the life you desire rather than the one you fear.

You can read more about this subject and many others in my book Become Your Higher Self.

Light and blessings,


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