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Quick And Easy Meditation - Great If You're Short On Time Or Find It Hard To Visualize

Posted by Kelly Wallace on April 27, 2016 at 6:05 PM

Are you trying to solve a problem? Do you want to find out what your guides have to tell you? Is it nearly impossible to fit a long meditation session into your daily life? Is it difficult for you to visualize while meditating? I want to offer you a helpful meditation exercise that's not only very quick and simple, but it's highly effective!

Quick And Easy Meditation:


1. Go someplace where you can be alone for about 10 minutes. Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply in and out while relaxing your body. Just breathe in and as you breathe out say, "reeeeelaaaaax" to yourself.

2. Once you feel as relaxed as possible, imagine a table in your mind. The table can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. I usually just visualize a simple wooden round table.

3. Once you can “see” the table, ask your higher self and guides to set one or more items on the table that they want you to see right now. You could also ask a question such as, “Dear guides and higher self, please set some items on this mental table that show me (how I died, who I loved, something important, whatever you’d liked to know). I will clearly see these items and know how they are helpful to me.”

4. Now visualize items on the table. Look at them and notice anything and everything about them. At first you might get a fleeting glimpse before the visualization disappears but over time you’ll be able to focus much better. Visualization is like exercising a muscle; the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

5. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve seen everything on the table, take a deep breath in and out, open your eyes, and make some notes on what you saw. Also write down the question you asked and how the item(s) might fit in. Maybe you asked, “Why do I always have trouble getting a promotion at work?” On the table in your mind you might have seen duct tape, a children’s math book, and crutches. (Of course, I’m just using examples.) You might not be able to see how these fit in with your lack of climbing the corporate ladder. This is where you need to become a detective! How could these items fit in?

Duct Tape - This is typically used to keep things from moving. Perhaps you sabotage yourself and don’t try enough to move forward. You get in your own way or get comfortable in your little niche, though a part of you yearns to make more of yourself. Or, you might have trouble speaking up for yourself and the duct tape represent your mouth being covered.


Children’s Math Book - You might need to update your skills or go back to school before you can get a higher position in the company.


Crutches - Perhaps you have trouble being a leader and rely more on others, or you find it difficult to move forward without assistance, or you could move too slowly and others who are “go getters” are offered the better positions.


Our soul offers a wealth of help and knowledge, we just need to unravel the clues and put the pieces of the puzzle together! 

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my book Clear Your Karma - The Healing Power Of Your Past Lives. Purchase your copy today and learn how to clear out your past life karma, create a wonderful life in the here and now, and an amazing future life as well! 

Light and blessings,



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