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Why You Need To Clear And Balance Your Chakras

Posted by Kelly Wallace on May 11, 2016 at 12:10 AM

Why Chakra Clearing And Balancing Is So Important

When all of your chakras are gently spinning or seem bright, you can then say your chakra system is completely balanced. These days it’s almost impossible to be in total balance at all times. Everything that has happened to you in life—at birth, during your childhood, teenage years, even five minutes ago—influences your chakra energy. As you go through various problems or situations in life, one or more of your chakras can get out of balance, become closed off, or too open. When this happens, it can affect your mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual self.


Every habit you have, every feeling, thought, fear, belief, worry, desire, or dream can be found in your chakras since these energy centers hold on to all of your energy—good and bad. If you encounter a situation or person who negatively affects your life in some way, it can be stored in one or more of your chakras unless you work through it and heal it. Over time, I’m sure you can see how things will pile up in your chakras and throw them off balance. No wonder people have so many problems in their lives they can’t seem to let go of!


Cleansing, strengthening and balancing your chakras is very beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit. It helps the aura’s energy to stay as pure as possible and can increase your intuitive ability. I do this at least once a week to help raise my energy, strengthen my psychic gifts and eliminate any negative build up in my chakras.

When you begin working with your chakras, don’t be surprised if you can’t cleanse them the very first time. It takes practice and you may have a lot of junk built up in your chakras. After you get used to doing the easy exercises in my book it should only take about ten minutes or less!

If you'd like to learn more about how to work with your chakras, what each one means and how to cleanse and balance them, be sure to get my book today. It costs far less than a small latte at Starbucks and will do you far more good! ;)

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I'm eager to share this book with you and look forward to hearing your experiences as you work with your Chakras!

Light and blessings,


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