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Why You're Stuck In Life - How To Clear Your Energy Blockages

Posted by Kelly Wallace on August 15, 2016 at 1:35 PM

Why You're Stuck

Unless you’re operating at a strong level of spiritual energy, life will be stuck in one or more areas. This is why Becoming Your Higher Self is so important. Everyone and everything is made up of energy. Where you’re at right now in life is the direct result of how your spiritual energy is or isn’t flowing. If your life is negative or lacking in some way then it’s a sure sign that you’ve got energy blockages.

These blockages hold you back from experiencing the true happiness you yearn for. It keeps you in negative relationships, struggling financially, and riddled with health problems. It keeps you confused, numb, and frustrated, living at the level of your lower self rather than your natural higher self. Your true state of being should be a life where you experience feelings of joy, your thoughts are clear, and your emotions are well balanced. Love and positive opportunities should flow freely toward you. In turn, your energy should flow outward, taking advantage of those opportunities and offering love in return.

This doesn’t mean that you constantly live on the brink of ruin and despair, but life simply won’t work as it should if you’re clogged up with negative energy. Over time, if one area of your life is blocked then ultimately it will affect all other areas. For example, have you ever come into a lump sum of money, or perhaps fallen madly in love, only to have it quickly disappear? It’s not the fact that you have bad luck or aren’t deserving, it’s because you aren’t working with your spiritual self in the correct way.


Simple Steps To Clear Energy Blockages


Your first step to healing, cleansing, and clearing your energy blockages is to be completely honest with yourself about where you’re at in life right now. Acceptance is the foundation of release. When you fight against what is, it creates a huge block that holds back all of those wonderful things you see other people experiencing.


So, look at your surroundings right now and look inside yourself. What do you see? Is your home cluttered? Are your thoughts just as cluttered? Are there items you no longer use or never needed to begin with? Do you hold on to old beliefs that no longer move you forward or were implanted in your mind by your parents or other adults? Does your mind repeat negative conversations and experiences over and over?


As simple as it may sound, just by clearing out the clutter in your home, closets, garage, and work space, you’re actually taking a huge step toward allowing spiritual energy to flow freely inside and outside of yourself.


You can’t live a life of abundance, find your soul mate, or attract money if there’s no room for movement. Nothing new can come in if old things are clogging up your home and your mind. It’s time to let go of everything you no longer need, of everything holding you back. This includes physical items, people, and past experiences.


As a soul living a human existence, your life purpose is in alignment with where you focus your energy. If all you focus on is the past and keep acquiring junk--junk items, junk food, junk people--how will you ever embrace the life you’ve dreamed about for so long? How will you get to where you want to be?


You are a being of immense energy, and how you direct that energy touches every area of your life. By the end of this book you’ll know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. In fact, you can become an entirely new person.

You can learn more about healing, clearing, and strengthening your in my best selling books Energy Work: Heal, Cleanse, and Strengthen Your Aura and Become Your Higher Self - Using Spiritual Energy To Transform Your Life

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Light and blessings,


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