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The Healing Power Of Past Lives

Posted by Kelly Wallace on January 29, 2017 at 7:25 PM

Exploring your past lives can help resolve some of the issues you face in your current life. Even if you don’t fully believe that past lives are real, an invention only of your mind, they can still point you in the right direction in resolving your problems.


Recently I did a past life reading for a client and she wondered why she repeated the pattern of getting into relationships with emotionally abusive men. During the reading I uncovered one life where she was a father under a lot of stress during the Great Depression. In that life his wife had died and he was raising four boys on his own. He loved them dearly, but the pressure he was under had him lashing out at his kids more and more often. As the children got older and moved to other states, having no further contact with their bitter and explosive father, he saw the error of his ways and felt guilty, dying alone some twenty-years later.


In this current life she brought along that guilt and subconsciously inflicted karma upon herself. Getting together with emotionally abusive men was a form of self-punishment so she could eventually cleanse herself of this past life guilt. She wrote back to me and said that while reading my email she’d had tears in her eyes and felt this huge sense of relief. It was like a giant weight lifted from her shoulders and a part of her mind opened up. I won’t lie and say that her relationships changed over night, but she was more aware of why she was choosing these negative relationships. Very soon she began attracting men that lifted her up rather than putting her down and eventually married someone wonderful. All of this because of past life exploration!


Through my years of helping people uncover their past lives and offering techniques to move forward and do more exploration on their own, I’ve seen again and again how this has benefited every single person that’s done it. There are reasons why you act and react the way you do, and why you follow certain patterns that might not be healthy or happy. Uncovering your past lives can heal all of it.


Check out my book Past Life Exploration - Unlock Your Past Lives, Access Higher Knowledge, Release Emotional Issues, And More  Uncover all of your past lives and see what lessons you can learn and talents you can uncover. Heal from your past and present mistakes and never repeat them again!

I also offer Past Life Readings.  When I do a past life reading I'll focus on two of your past lives that are most important for you to know about at this time. I'll get names, descriptions, the time period, geographical area, the lessons you need to learn, any traumas, and other details. I will relay everything so you can get the most help and guidance from the reading. :)

I look forward to reading for you!



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