Quotes Kelly, Thank you for checking in with me. I am feeling much better. I feel like I can actually take a breath and smile!! I am taking a new class (as you predicted in your reading) and have started a daily spiritual practice in the morning. It is short but very effective. With Gratitude, Quotes

Quotes Hi Kelly, This was a lovely reading! It's interesting what you wrote about my husband. It gives me peace to know he is doing well. Your comments about my job pretty much confirmed what I have been thinking and feeling. Thanks again! Quotes

Quotes Kelly thank you so much! So my instincts were right. I'm very glad for this information because this is what I was waiting for. The other information made me happy and I really feel that things will move forward. Quotes

Quotes Thanks for another fantastic reading!!! This is my favorite one yet. It is great to see how things turned around from the first, second and even third reading. I am so excited about the path I am on now and want to thank you for helping me through a tough time. Quotes

Quotes Your reading really resonated with me and there were so many things you said that touched me, so thank you very much for sharing your gift! I will definitely be back for more! Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to let you know that this was one of the best readings I've had thus far (and you probably know I've had alot). I don't know what motivated me to request a reading but you've given me so much to think about. I couldn't ask for more. Quotes

Quotes I just want to say thank you for making the tarot easier for me to understand. i just started reading the tarot cards about 60 days ago. I bought the cards, and bought your book about 3 weeks ago, i have also bought 4 other good books but yours has been the one book that i use as reference when i do my readings. again and again, thank you for the great book! Quotes

Quotes This has been a long time coming but I had to shoot you a thank you!! I got a reading from you awhile back...my first reading ever... and at the time I thought this is crazy my life will never be happy but I printed out your reading and I constantly pull it and read it. Within 7.....I'm saying 7 days after my birthday my life changed for the better!! I hope everything is going well with you...and again thank you!! Quotes

Quotes I am just finishing another of your books on contacting your angels. I loved it and it actually worked! Thank you for simplifying everything. Your books have helped me move thru my awakening process and learn how to understand and utilize my gifts. Many thanks and blessings! Quotes

Quotes Thank you very much for both books, you are such a lovely person, I?d love to meet you one day, but you are a very long way away, but then again who knows?. Funny, but I instantly felt I had a friend & someone I could talk to & trust, I felt much better after reading your words & ebook, much calmer, thank you, I?m very grateful. Quotes