Spirit Animal Reading

Stuck at a crossroads? Need answers?  Confused or Curious? Your spirit animal guides can help!

Spirit Animals Are All Around.  

Find Out What These Totem Animals Have To Say To YOU!

This reading will offer you insight, peace, and hope.  

I've always been interested in shamanism, especially since my father was half Cherokee. Through the years I've delved deep into my roots and learned about Native healing, teachings, and medicine.  

Many people are aware that animals can act as spirit guides, as well as "human" guides being able to shape-shift into animals. Native Americans and Tribes all over the world have believed in the power and wisdom of animal spirits to help gain awareness and find solutions to problems. 

 I never use cards, but will focus on your various energy fields (both higher and lower) and see which spirit animals come through to help you.  I will then relay their words of guidance, hope, and wisdom.

This reading covers 3 questions or 3 areas and will be "answered" by the wisdom and guidance of the three different animal spirits that are around you at this time.

Animal Spirit Reading $59