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How To Get Rid Of Bad Karma - Clearing The Negativity From Your Life

Posted by Kelly Wallace on February 8, 2018 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Too many people are stuck in a cycle of negative thinking. "I know I'm sick, overweight, in a bad relationship, have a terrible job, am broke, etc., but it's my karma. Nothing I can do about it." That's usually followed by a shrug and a grimace. Nonsense! You can do something about karma right here and now. How?

1. Try to be "awake" as often as possible.

A lot of times we go through our days in a sort of half-trance and don't pay attention to what we're doing and saying. By living in the here and now as much as possible, you have a better chance of making more positive decisions, helping others when they need it, offering a word of praise or a compliment, and the like. How good do you feel when someone compliments you? You probably feel great, so why not start complimenting at least one person per day, if not more?

2. Correct any wrongs in your life that you're able to.

If you feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kids or partner, don't put it off any longer. No more excuses! Housework, your career, problems, bills and other things will still be there an hour from now so take time out to enjoy the ones who mean the most to you. If you need to lose weight or exercise...start now, not tomorrow, not Monday, not when you have more money. Now! If something happened years ago and you can't resolve it with this person, at least acknowledge what happened, forgive yourself, and send a mental prayer to this person asking for forgiveness or to at least let things go.

3. Volunteer your time.

I know, you're probably thinking, "Are you kidding? I barely have enough time to breathe let alone volunteer!" I'm not talking about spending hours and hours each week in a nursing home visiting the elderly. (Though if you have the time to do it, they would love it.) But there are small things you can do once a week or even once a month to help spread goodwill and positive energy. You could go through your home once a month and donate items to a local shelter, Goodwill or Salvation Army. If you sew, crochet or knit you could donate blankets to Project Linus (one of my favorite charities.) Or simply help out an elderly neighbor or relative once a week. You could even teach a child to cook. Anything that creates an aura of positive energy will help cleanse karma.

4. For the bigger karmic influences at work in your life.

Sit down and be honest with yourself. If you tend to attract the same negative type of relationship, money slips through your fingers, or you keep adding on the pounds, you need to face this demon head-on. It's not going to go away. Make a list of the negative things you do that keep adding to this karmic snowball then make another list of how you can correct it. Be realistic though; your karmic debt won't go away over night, so make small changes at first then tackle bigger ones over time. Who knows, you may have been carrying this karma around for a thousand years! Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't release it all within a week. Slow and steady wins the race. As long as you're moving forward on a positive path, you'll get past this karmic crud.

A couple more things to keep in mind is to take more chances, smile more often, grab opportunities as they arise, and have an optimistic outlook. Bad times don't last, but good people do!

Are you stuck, curious, worried or confused? No matter what your current situation is, it can always be better. Let me help you get to that place in life where you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that things are finally going your way. Or maybe just answer some questions that have been on your mind.

I look forward to reading for you:)

Light and blessings...


How To Astral Travel - Meet Your Spirit Guides And Loved Ones

Posted by Kelly Wallace on September 13, 2017 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

When you Astral Travel you (safely) leave your body, having an out-of-body-experience (OBE) and can go to the Astral Plane and meet up with your spirit guides, angels, and deceased relatives who can give you helpful information on many areas of your life, including your purpose.

Something fun about the Astral Plane is that it doesn’t operate as things do here on Earth. All you need to do is think of a place and you’re there. Any image you think of will materialize. That’s why this is such a good place to interact with loved ones who have passed, or even historical figures and celebrities who have crossed over. Why not have fun, right?

The first time you astral travel it will probably change you in many ways. Actually knowing that you’re outside of your physical body is pretty wild and can open your mind in ways you never thought possible. It’s like thinking life is only a straight line then finding out it’s truly a three-dimensional sphere.

For those who have already visited the Astral Plane it’s comforted them about the reality of physical death. Seeing the spirit world and how things operate there gives you a sense of peace and is very awe-inspiring. It’s good to know that you don’t just die, are put into the ground or cremated, and that’s that. Think of physical death like removing a sweater. Your Earth body is the sweater. Just because you remove that article of clothing doesn’t mean you stop existing.

Exercise to help you experience an OBE and visit the Astral Plane:

The following steps are not only easy, but when you’re finished you should feel relaxed and with a more positive outlook.

1. Go to a quiet room and lie down or sit. Be sure you’re comfortable and that it isn’t too noisy or bright in the room. You can play soothing music if this helps you relax. I typically put on nature sounds such as morning birds and gentle rain, or waves on the beach. 

2. Close your eyes and focus on each area of your body and consciously relax it. Start from your toes and work your way up to the top of your head, all the while allowing your breathing to remain soft and even. Take as much time as you need to relax. 

3. During this exercise you'll want to be protected from any negative experiences, so ask your spirit guide or angel to watch over you and guide you on the Astral Plane. Imagine a protective white light surrounding you and know that nothing negative can enter this bubble. 

4. Once you feel relaxed focus on who you want to see or what you want to achieve while on your journey. For example, one time I wanted to talk with my grandmother to see how she was doing and to find out what life was like on the other side. Another time, I wanted to meet with one of my higher spirit guides to get some solutions to a major problem I was going through at the time. 

5. Now, with your eyes still closed, visualize an open door some distance away in front of you. This door represents the pineal door of the third eye. In your mind, imagine yourself running toward the doorway and right through it. If you succeed in getting through the doorway you should notice that you’re surrounded by golden or white light. You will have successfully left your physical body!

6. Once you’re on the Astral Plane, let yourself go wherever your spirit guide takes you or wherever you choose to. It will probably take some time to get used to your surroundings, so just accept what happens. Remember, your spirit guide/angel will protect from any negative experiences. You are perfectly safe and will automatically return to your physical body when you’re ready. There’s no way you can get lost or be stuck on the Astral Plane since your living body and soul are connected by an invisible cord. You will always, always instantly be able to get back.

7. Take your time here. Look around. See what you can see. Experience the awe of being in this place where your soul feels so at home. The first time you go here you might feel so excited or even scared and it makes you come right back. Try not to feel too frustrated because over time you’ll get used to being “home” and will stay at long as you’d like.

8. You’ll know it’s time to come back to the here and now on Earth when things start feeling out of focus, you feel a pulling sensation, or your guide might let you know it’s time to leave. Coming back is quicker and easier than getting there. You just need to say goodbye to your guide, take a deep breath and let it out, open your eyes and stretch a bit. Don’t stand up right away since you might be a bit lightheaded after your trip.

9. When you return, write down in a journal or notebook what you experienced. Even if you only got a fleeting glimpse, only got feelings or heard something brief, write about it. This is so helpful in letting your subconscious know that it’s completely okay and normal to visit the Astral Plane.

Practice this daily or at least a few times a week. Over time you’ll see how many things you discover and how much you change mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Note: Some clients have wanted to know if they're really going to the Astral Plane or if it's just their imagination making it up. I always say that intuition and imagine are closely related and if you tap into one you're tapping into the other. Even if you don't quite believe you've truly had an OBE and visited the Astral Plane, if you keep practicing you'll instictively find your way there. It's in your soul, it's a natural part of you, it's where you came from and where you'll go again, you've just forgotten the way back and need to find it again. :) 

The Healing Power Of Past Lives

Posted by Kelly Wallace on January 29, 2017 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Exploring your past lives can help resolve some of the issues you face in your current life. Even if you don’t fully believe that past lives are real, an invention only of your mind, they can still point you in the right direction in resolving your problems.


Recently I did a past life reading for a client and she wondered why she repeated the pattern of getting into relationships with emotionally abusive men. During the reading I uncovered one life where she was a father under a lot of stress during the Great Depression. In that life his wife had died and he was raising four boys on his own. He loved them dearly, but the pressure he was under had him lashing out at his kids more and more often. As the children got older and moved to other states, having no further contact with their bitter and explosive father, he saw the error of his ways and felt guilty, dying alone some twenty-years later.


In this current life she brought along that guilt and subconsciously inflicted karma upon herself. Getting together with emotionally abusive men was a form of self-punishment so she could eventually cleanse herself of this past life guilt. She wrote back to me and said that while reading my email she’d had tears in her eyes and felt this huge sense of relief. It was like a giant weight lifted from her shoulders and a part of her mind opened up. I won’t lie and say that her relationships changed over night, but she was more aware of why she was choosing these negative relationships. Very soon she began attracting men that lifted her up rather than putting her down and eventually married someone wonderful. All of this because of past life exploration!


Through my years of helping people uncover their past lives and offering techniques to move forward and do more exploration on their own, I’ve seen again and again how this has benefited every single person that’s done it. There are reasons why you act and react the way you do, and why you follow certain patterns that might not be healthy or happy. Uncovering your past lives can heal all of it.


Check out my book Past Life Exploration - Unlock Your Past Lives, Access Higher Knowledge, Release Emotional Issues, And More  Uncover all of your past lives and see what lessons you can learn and talents you can uncover. Heal from your past and present mistakes and never repeat them again!

I also offer Past Life Readings.  When I do a past life reading I'll focus on two of your past lives that are most important for you to know about at this time. I'll get names, descriptions, the time period, geographical area, the lessons you need to learn, any traumas, and other details. I will relay everything so you can get the most help and guidance from the reading. :)

I look forward to reading for you!



Using Tarot Cards To Discover Your Past Lives

Posted by Kelly Wallace on October 25, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Using The Tarot


When you’re first starting out on your path of past life self-discovery, an easy way to uncover some details yet not get too overwhelmed is through using the tarot. I won’t go into any detail on actually reading the tarot since I’ve done that in my book: Intuitive Tarot - Read The Tarot Instantly. In fact, for this exercise you don’t need to know a single thing about reading the cards, you just need to use a deck you already have or go out and find one that seems to call to you.


Choosing A Card Deck

When looking for a deck of tarot cards it’s important to take your time. Yes, you can rely on the well-known Rider-Waite deck and you won’t go wrong with that, but it’s more personal if you find cards that really appeal to you. Take a look online before purchasing a deck though because you want to be sure that there are pictures for all 78 cards. Many decks will only have pictures or scenes for the first 22 and then the rest will only consist of 8 Cups or 10 Swords, and so on. You want a deck with good visual appeal so the images can help bring out those hidden past life memories.

Once you bring your cards home be sure to shuffle them at least a dozen times. Better yet, spread them out on the floor or on your bed, mix them around with your hands so they get good and shuffled, then put them back together. This is known as the Cauldron Shuffle.


Choosing A Spread


You don’t need a special tarot spread when trying to uncover your past lives through these cards since the symbols, scenes, animals, people, colors, and numbers are usually enough. However, if you want something to go on, you could lay out some cards and have them represent:





Good memory/Bad Memory/Karmic Lesson

Event 1/Event 2/Event 3



You could create an endless number of three-card spreads to represent any one of your past lives, but for right now choose one from the above list that interests you most or think of three other things you’d like to find out.


Uncovering Your Past Lives


Once you have a deck of cards, a pen, a journal to make notes in, and the three areas you’re most interested in looking at, shuffle the deck three times and ask your higher self to send through information regarding an important past life. Now cut the deck three times, put it back together, and lay three cards in front of you. Make a note in your journal with the date and the three cards you got.


Let’s say you chose the Event 1/Event 2/Event 3 spread. Look at the first card and see what colors, symbols, or anything else capture your attention.


You could be looking at the first card and know it represents Event 1 and you drew The Chariot. Even if you know nothing about tarot, really look at the card. You can see that it represents movement, perhaps a vehicle, a person holding on tightly as they try to keep control over their mode of transportation. How could this pertain to a past life though? Just relax and let the image seep in. Let your higher self send through the past life information that will be helpful for you now.


Have you always been afraid to drive? Have you always wanted a nice car but can never afford it? Were you in a car accident because somehow you lost control of the wheel? Do you find it difficult to control your life in one or more areas?


Keep asking questions and looking at the card until something shifts inside of you. You’ll know when you hit upon a past life lesson or memory because you might get a sudden adrenaline surge, goosebumps, a chill, or a hot flush. The mind will pick up on the connection first, but you’ll most likely feel it in your body before anything else. Your brain will say to itself, “That’s it!” and send out chemicals that flood your body and make you take notice.


What if you keep looking at the card and nothing clicks into place? Try focusing on something else in the card such as a dominant color, the number, perhaps the time of year the card represents, the way a person looks, or an animal.


You can also write in your journal about this card and the figure or scene. Make up a little story. If there’s a person in the card, what are they doing? How did they get there? What’s something important they need to know? Do they have a message for you? Just let your imagination run. After all, imagination and intuition are closely related. Tap into one and you’ll tap into the other.

Usually there will be something, no matter how small, that perks up your soul and has it releasing its hold on those past life memories. Make notes of any feelings you get or any clues you put together that can help unlock your past lives.

At this point don’t expect any memories to come flooding back. Yes, it might happen. I had one client that had tried everything to uncover her past lives and the tarot actually worked like magic. She emailed me about her very first session with her cards. She drew the 8 of Cups from the Rider-Waite deck and instantly felt a connection with the hooded figure in the card. She wrote a short story about how the love of his life had died and he went off wandering Europe for the rest of his life. In her current life she was the one that left relationships, but she saw the connection, the past life baggage. She was carrying around the wounded heart from that past life and couldn’t bear to lose another love so she’d leave the person before they ended up hurting her somehow. Wow! See how powerful the tarot can be?

Getting back to the Events Spread, let’s say you draw the Knight of Swords for your next life lesson. You look at this guy and he seems pretty intense. Yes, you very well could have been a knight in a past life or some other type of warrior or soldier, but what lesson does it have for you now? Do you avoid confrontation at all cost? Do you find it hard to speak up for yourself? Or are you argumentative? Perhaps you hate when things are unfair or when someone is being wrongly accused and you rush to their aid? Maybe the card, this past life memory and present life lesson, is telling you that you need to be stronger, or a more of a peacekeeper, or to let people fend for themselves sometimes.

Take Notes

Make notes in your journal about anything you feel a connection to or a message your higher self might be sending through. You can write a short story about this card as well. Maybe the story ends up being somewhat of a comedy and this knight, well meaning though he is, always shows up late for battles and often forgets his sword. This could be telling you something about your current life. Are you often late and forgetful? Is he a ladies-man and goes from one relationship to the next without allowing himself to fall in love. Maybe you’re afraid of commitment in your present life?

Exploring your past lives through tarot can be a lot of fun and incredibly eye-opening. Try not to do too many readings in one day though since they could become jumbled, not make sense, or create a block. I advise doing only one three card reading daily. This might not sound like a lot, especially when you’re so excited and first starting out on this journey, but it’s actually more than enough to nudge that information free from your mind and soul.

You might find that you start dreaming about certain past lives and/or things start popping up in your waking life that give concreteness to your past life findings. Using that Knight of Swords as an example, perhaps you start dreaming of that particular life or you start seeing knights on TV or on books or in a store. Knights just start popping up all over! This is a sure sign that your soul is opening up and letting more of those memories come through. It’s also proof that this life truly existed in your past and your higher self is letting you know you’re on the right track.

Again, be sure to keep notes of everything you discover about your past lives. You could have one notebook for each life and write down new information that comes through in that particular journal. This really helps to keep your notes organized so you can go over them and read all about one particular life, find patterns and lessons, rather than leafing through page after page of mixed notes about various lives. As time goes on and you gather more notes about that life and you read them over it will help immerse you in that life and more memories may actually come back to you.

Knowing important things about previous lives is essential to truly knowing who you are in the here and now. Imagine all of the wealth of wisdom waiting to be uncovered!

I'd love to do a past life reading for you as well!

Light and blessings,


Why You're Stuck In Life - How To Clear Your Energy Blockages

Posted by Kelly Wallace on August 15, 2016 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Why You're Stuck

Unless you’re operating at a strong level of spiritual energy, life will be stuck in one or more areas. This is why Becoming Your Higher Self is so important. Everyone and everything is made up of energy. Where you’re at right now in life is the direct result of how your spiritual energy is or isn’t flowing. If your life is negative or lacking in some way then it’s a sure sign that you’ve got energy blockages.

These blockages hold you back from experiencing the true happiness you yearn for. It keeps you in negative relationships, struggling financially, and riddled with health problems. It keeps you confused, numb, and frustrated, living at the level of your lower self rather than your natural higher self. Your true state of being should be a life where you experience feelings of joy, your thoughts are clear, and your emotions are well balanced. Love and positive opportunities should flow freely toward you. In turn, your energy should flow outward, taking advantage of those opportunities and offering love in return.

This doesn’t mean that you constantly live on the brink of ruin and despair, but life simply won’t work as it should if you’re clogged up with negative energy. Over time, if one area of your life is blocked then ultimately it will affect all other areas. For example, have you ever come into a lump sum of money, or perhaps fallen madly in love, only to have it quickly disappear? It’s not the fact that you have bad luck or aren’t deserving, it’s because you aren’t working with your spiritual self in the correct way.


Simple Steps To Clear Energy Blockages


Your first step to healing, cleansing, and clearing your energy blockages is to be completely honest with yourself about where you’re at in life right now. Acceptance is the foundation of release. When you fight against what is, it creates a huge block that holds back all of those wonderful things you see other people experiencing.


So, look at your surroundings right now and look inside yourself. What do you see? Is your home cluttered? Are your thoughts just as cluttered? Are there items you no longer use or never needed to begin with? Do you hold on to old beliefs that no longer move you forward or were implanted in your mind by your parents or other adults? Does your mind repeat negative conversations and experiences over and over?


As simple as it may sound, just by clearing out the clutter in your home, closets, garage, and work space, you’re actually taking a huge step toward allowing spiritual energy to flow freely inside and outside of yourself.


You can’t live a life of abundance, find your soul mate, or attract money if there’s no room for movement. Nothing new can come in if old things are clogging up your home and your mind. It’s time to let go of everything you no longer need, of everything holding you back. This includes physical items, people, and past experiences.


As a soul living a human existence, your life purpose is in alignment with where you focus your energy. If all you focus on is the past and keep acquiring junk--junk items, junk food, junk people--how will you ever embrace the life you’ve dreamed about for so long? How will you get to where you want to be?


You are a being of immense energy, and how you direct that energy touches every area of your life. By the end of this book you’ll know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. In fact, you can become an entirely new person.

You can learn more about healing, clearing, and strengthening your in my best selling books Energy Work: Heal, Cleanse, and Strengthen Your Aura and Become Your Higher Self - Using Spiritual Energy To Transform Your Life

I can also perform a Long Distance Healing Session for you. It can help with many spiritual health concerns and can also cleanse and heal many mental, emotional, and even physical concerns as well. Previous clients have said how helpful and often life-altering they are. :)

Light and blessings,


Why You Need To Clear And Balance Your Chakras

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Why Chakra Clearing And Balancing Is So Important

When all of your chakras are gently spinning or seem bright, you can then say your chakra system is completely balanced. These days it’s almost impossible to be in total balance at all times. Everything that has happened to you in life—at birth, during your childhood, teenage years, even five minutes ago—influences your chakra energy. As you go through various problems or situations in life, one or more of your chakras can get out of balance, become closed off, or too open. When this happens, it can affect your mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual self.


Every habit you have, every feeling, thought, fear, belief, worry, desire, or dream can be found in your chakras since these energy centers hold on to all of your energy—good and bad. If you encounter a situation or person who negatively affects your life in some way, it can be stored in one or more of your chakras unless you work through it and heal it. Over time, I’m sure you can see how things will pile up in your chakras and throw them off balance. No wonder people have so many problems in their lives they can’t seem to let go of!


Cleansing, strengthening and balancing your chakras is very beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit. It helps the aura’s energy to stay as pure as possible and can increase your intuitive ability. I do this at least once a week to help raise my energy, strengthen my psychic gifts and eliminate any negative build up in my chakras.

When you begin working with your chakras, don’t be surprised if you can’t cleanse them the very first time. It takes practice and you may have a lot of junk built up in your chakras. After you get used to doing the easy exercises in my book it should only take about ten minutes or less!

If you'd like to learn more about how to work with your chakras, what each one means and how to cleanse and balance them, be sure to get my book today. It costs far less than a small latte at Starbucks and will do you far more good! ;)

Chakra Energy on Apple iTunes

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Get it directly from me in PDF form and read it on any computer, phone, or tablet!

I'm eager to share this book with you and look forward to hearing your experiences as you work with your Chakras!

Light and blessings,


Quick And Easy Meditation - Great If You're Short On Time Or Find It Hard To Visualize

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Are you trying to solve a problem? Do you want to find out what your guides have to tell you? Is it nearly impossible to fit a long meditation session into your daily life? Is it difficult for you to visualize while meditating? I want to offer you a helpful meditation exercise that's not only very quick and simple, but it's highly effective!

Quick And Easy Meditation:


1. Go someplace where you can be alone for about 10 minutes. Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply in and out while relaxing your body. Just breathe in and as you breathe out say, "reeeeelaaaaax" to yourself.

2. Once you feel as relaxed as possible, imagine a table in your mind. The table can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. I usually just visualize a simple wooden round table.

3. Once you can “see” the table, ask your higher self and guides to set one or more items on the table that they want you to see right now. You could also ask a question such as, “Dear guides and higher self, please set some items on this mental table that show me (how I died, who I loved, something important, whatever you’d liked to know). I will clearly see these items and know how they are helpful to me.”

4. Now visualize items on the table. Look at them and notice anything and everything about them. At first you might get a fleeting glimpse before the visualization disappears but over time you’ll be able to focus much better. Visualization is like exercising a muscle; the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

5. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve seen everything on the table, take a deep breath in and out, open your eyes, and make some notes on what you saw. Also write down the question you asked and how the item(s) might fit in. Maybe you asked, “Why do I always have trouble getting a promotion at work?” On the table in your mind you might have seen duct tape, a children’s math book, and crutches. (Of course, I’m just using examples.) You might not be able to see how these fit in with your lack of climbing the corporate ladder. This is where you need to become a detective! How could these items fit in?

Duct Tape - This is typically used to keep things from moving. Perhaps you sabotage yourself and don’t try enough to move forward. You get in your own way or get comfortable in your little niche, though a part of you yearns to make more of yourself. Or, you might have trouble speaking up for yourself and the duct tape represent your mouth being covered.


Children’s Math Book - You might need to update your skills or go back to school before you can get a higher position in the company.


Crutches - Perhaps you have trouble being a leader and rely more on others, or you find it difficult to move forward without assistance, or you could move too slowly and others who are “go getters” are offered the better positions.


Our soul offers a wealth of help and knowledge, we just need to unravel the clues and put the pieces of the puzzle together! 

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my book Clear Your Karma - The Healing Power Of Your Past Lives. Purchase your copy today and learn how to clear out your past life karma, create a wonderful life in the here and now, and an amazing future life as well! 

Light and blessings,



Top 10 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

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A Spiritual Awakening...Isn’t this what most of us strive for? That one grand moment, or a collection of smaller moments, that have you seeing life and everything in it from a totally different perspective? A place where you can finally live life as your higher self?

Sometimes walking a spiritual path can be very lonely. Not many people are brave enough to reach for their spiritual gifts let alone embracing them and living life from this place every day. In my own life there were many times when I questioned my intuition and never followed it, refusing to trust in my higher self, my own spiritual energy. After awhile I realized how ridiculous this was. I wanted to be happy, healthy, and financially well off. It was obvious my spiritual self knew how to get there, but my fearful Earth self had a hard time trusting. Once I did though life changed dramatically for me.

But another odd thing happened; I lost many friends. They felt I was no longer the same person, and they were right, I wasn’t! I was pursuing the life of my dreams and, since like attracts like, I began attracting other people who were successful and spiritual while old friends drifted away. Rather than feeling sad or angry, I accepted this, knowing I was going through a growing phase.

I haven’t regretted a single moment of embracing my true essence. Though, like physical and emotional growth, it comes with pain and loss. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone else at the time who had gone through a spiritual awakening so I felt very confused, emotional, and sometimes afraid. Spirituality is so much bigger than our Earth selves that it can often be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what’s going on. You feel like you’re going crazy, not realizing you’re waking up on a spiritual level.

How do you know if you’re having a spiritual awakening? Here are the top ten signs to look out for. They shouldn’t be confused with anything that requires medical help. These are purely spiritual-based symptoms that may show up mentally, emotionally or even physically.

Top 10 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

1. A dramatic change or shift in sleep patterns, libido, career, food preferences, and/or relationships.

2. A surge in creativity and energy pushing you to detoxify your body, de-clutter your home, begin a project you had wanted to do but previously put off, and simplifying your life.

3. Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy and a desire to pursue something else.

4. Yearning for more freedom or excitement.

5. Depression, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, hot flashes, “hearing voices”, a sensation of someone being in the room with you.

6. Problems with electric items such as static coming from the TV or radio, lights flickering or going out, touching things and producing static electricity far more than usual.

7. Experiencing an increase in intuition, psychic abilities, and/or synchronicities.

8. Heightened awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Feeling more in tune with or aware of others responses, their body language, and their emotions.

9. Sudden healing of your mind, body, or emotions. For example, an episode in your past may have bothered you a great deal for many years and suddenly it no longer has power over you.

10. Current friends or loved ones seem to be drifting away or acting strange around you, even angry or frustrated.

These are common symptoms people mention after they realize they’ve gone through a tremendous spiritual growth spurt. I’d like to discuss two of the symptoms in more detail and why they happen.

Anxiety or Panic Attacks

When changes occur we tend to fight against them. As creatures of habit, we like things to stay the way they are, even if we want to be happier and healthier. When spiritual growth takes place it happens at a deep level, affecting your emotions, your mind, and body. You might not understand why you start feeling odd, why you begin experiencing panic attacks or anxiety, you may break out in a sweat and start having nightmares or unable to sleep well.

The reason this happens is because your higher self is trying to help you heal and grow. Anxiety and the other symptoms I just talked about pop up because you’re resisting the clearing process. You sense changes are taking place and some part of your mind and emotions rebel against it. Your soul wants to be whole and aligned, but when the fragmented parts rise to the surface either to be healed or released, we sense it as danger.

When you feel this anxiety rising remind yourself that it’s fragmented energy flowing through you and it will soon pass. Take a deep breath and visualize the white or gold light filling you as we practiced with earlier. Send the healing energy to any places within you that feel particularly dark or off in some way. Repeat to yourself, “I allow my energy to change for my own highest good. I live my life from a place of love, success, and happiness. Life is easy.”

You may notice your energy shifting to a higher, more positive vibrational state right away, or it may take days or even weeks. It all depends on the amount of healing taking place inside, how confident you are with your spiritual process, and how deep of an awakening you experience. You may have a tremendously big spiritual awakening all at once or it may come to you in phases throughout time. I recall having a few larger ones with many small ones in between.

At times an anxiety attack may be due to your aura field suddenly vibrating at such a high frequency that you need to find a way to slow it down a bit. A few good ways to release this pent up energy is to go for a walk, dance, sing, exercise, or meditate.

Physical Sensations

Although it should be natural for us to live as spiritual beings of light in a physical body, this isn’t typically the case. We often forget, and some people never realize, that the physical self is merely a temporary house and the soul goes on forever. When you experience spiritual growth the old cellular structures shift, change, and even dissolve, making way for newer, lighter cell structures.

Learning to align the physical body and spiritual self can be uncomfortable if you don’t know how to handle it. Once you have enough cells vibrating at a higher rate, you’ll feel better than you have in years, or ever. In the mean time though you may experience detox symptoms, much life flu symptoms, along with fatigue, headaches, and fuzzy thinking. You may notice your scalp or skin tingles, feel a sudden burst of heat or cold rush through your body, along with aches and pains.

If you experience pain or aching sensations, this could be an area of your body where the energy is blocked or stuck. Persistent headaches can point to the third eye opening, while stomach aches or a heavy feeling in your chest may relate to feelings you haven’t faced and healed. Pain in the legs can show you’re unsure of what path to take in life or you may feel held back in some way. A chronic cough or sore throat often relates to something that needs to be said to someone but you haven’t yet.

Other physical sensations you may notice is when you’re meditating certain parts of your body tingle or feel warm. You could also feel as if you’re floating outside of your body. As I got better at aligning my physical and spiritual self, I noticed that when I meditated my soul would suddenly become huge, unable to fit inside my body.

Some ways to handle physical changes and sensations are through yoga, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, Epsom salt baths, and other holistic therapies.

When I was going through a spiritual growth episode that was particularly big I had daily headaches. Nothing to rush off to the doctor or emergency room over, but enough to bother me and affect my mood, energy levels and thoughts. I studied aromatherapy and used geranium oil, just a drop massaged into my temples, and it worked wonders. Holistic therapies are much gentler than other therapies, thereby helping you to heal and become stronger in more subtle ways so all levels of your being can work together.

When you experience spiritual growth you need to be very aware of your thoughts and your self-talk. At this point you are changing at such a fast rate and have more power than you imagine. It’s at these times that negative self-talk and actions make the most impact and can undo everything you’ve been working toward. When you catch your lower, fearful self trying to sabotage your efforts, gently send it love as you would to a small child. Thank that worried or angry voice for sharing with you, then send healing light to it. In time these darker parts of you will heal and you’ll find yourself manifesting the life you desire rather than the one you fear.

You can read more about this subject and many others in my book Become Your Higher Self.

Light and blessings,


14 Past Life Facts - Why Your Past Lives Are Important

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You may think, "My life is happening right now, in the present, so why be worried about something that happened 75, 150, or 2,000 years ago?" Because, understanding the past can offer clues to present day problems and offer information on how to overcome or succeed at current experiences. I’m not going to try to convince you that past lives are a fact, I’m taking for granted that you believe in them or have an open mind to the possiblity since you're reading this article. Okay, let’s take a look at a few past life facts:

1. The human soul is like a computer hard drive; everything you’ve experienced is stored in the soul as programs. By remembering and then releasing these old programs your current life issues can be resolved and positive, new patterns pursued.

2. If you carry around chronic stress, fear, anxiety, phobias, habits, or addictions and you see no connection with something that occurred in your present life, then I guarantee a past life is the culprit.

3. Some people are born with birthmarks--past life imprints--in areas where they were wounded or the birthmark is shaped like a physical object or initial that led to their death.

4. We’re all allowed a period of rest between lives where we can review past experiences, prepare for our next life, and even choose it, but some of us come back too quickly or have something very important to learn--which is one reason why some of us struggle more than others.

5. Each lifetime can be viewed as another year in school where we pick up where we left off. Yes, some people flunk a few grades and others skip up a few.

6. In addition to dragging along baggage from past lives, we also bring with us skills and abilities. You’ve probably read stories about child geniuses that can play a musical instrument or paint like a pro. While those kids are the extreme, we all carry with us talents that can help us in this lifetime.

7. It’s not necessary to immerse yourself in every past life in order to heal and progress. A few simple activities is all it really takes. Of course, once we open the door to our past lives we often become so fascinated that we want to know more and more about them! (I’ll offer some easy exercises in my upcoming book Clear Your Karma: The Healing Power Of Your Past Lives that will help you connect with any and all of them.)

8. Dream work, self-hypnosis, and psychic readings by a trusted professional are three of the best ways to work with your past lives.

9. We all have a core soul group and a larger soul group. We’re always reincarnated with various people from these groups.

10. Our genders change, though some people have a preference and may choose one sex more often than another.

11. It’s rare to have been someone famous or powerful.

12. Some mannerisms are carried over from one life to the next. One of my daughters has always had a slight accent that can’t be placed from this lifetime.

13. You’re usually attracted to certain geographic settings or time periods that relate to one or more past lives you’ve had.

14. Your past lives have a strong effect on your current life.


I’ll get into many of these past life facts in more detail in my upcoming book, but I wanted to give you just a glimpse of how incredibly important past lives are! If anyone tells you they have no impact on your current life, they’re wrong, wrong, wrong!

I've been doing past life readings for decades now so if you're interested in uncovering the past life/lives that are affecting you most at this point in time, purchase and reading and let's find out what's going on. I'm sure it will be an eye-opener for you. :D Get your reading here.

Light and blessings,


Past Life Regression - What To Know Before You Begin Your Journey

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I've been doing past life readings for decades now and am in the midst of writing a book on the subject. Sometimes the idea of having lived several times before is overwhelming. Since you're reading this, you probably wholly or partly believe you've lived before, but if you still aren’t certain that past life recall can help you or what it can actually do for you, let’s take a look at some common questions clients have asked me over the years before beginning their journey.

 Q: Will everything I experience through past life exploration actually be past life memories?

A: If what you learn through your past life exploration journey helps you have a happier, healthier, more successful life in any way then this is because what you tapped into was true past life memories. Just thinking about what you might have been or done won't change you in any way. It's when a memory is real that you begin to experience true shifts in your current life. 

Q: What if what I uncover is really just my overactive imagination?

A: That’s okay! The imagination and soul walk hand-in-hand. Even if you feel it’s just your imagination being unleashed during your past life exploration (PLE) sessions, who cares? This is an awesome way to release the bonds of everyday life and free your mind. It helps to get your creativity flowing which in turn leads you to a better life.

Q: My life is a mess! Can past life exploration really help?

A: PLE can definitely help heal emotional and spiritual trauma, as well as calming any chaos or drama in your present life. Once you discover how old your soul truly is, how wise and powerful you honestly are, how could you possibly continue with your life as it is now? You won’t. You’re mind will open, your soul will stretch, and you’ll reach beyond your present limitations and achieve your goals.

Q: My life is doing pretty well. Can PLE still be helpful?

A: Even if things are good, they can alway be better. We should continually grow--mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Past life exploration can help bring you greater clarity and focus. It can also help you make better decisions and fine-tune your personality so you can be the best "you" possible.

Q: Aren’t we just at the mercy of fate?

A: Nothing is written in stone. We have complete free-will, whether we like to admit it or not. It’s so much easier to believe we have no control and then just go wherever life takes us. What’s actually happening though is what you’re focusing on is expanding. You’re reaping what you’re sowing each and every day. Your subconscious is guiding you along your current path and you aren't really doing much about it. Past life recall can help you become more aware of your decision-making process and keep you from unintentionally making the same mistakes you've made in one or more past lives. You will be the master of your destiny rather than a puppet. 

Q: I’ve read that PLE can bring hidden potential to the surface. Is that true?

A: Every person on this Earth has skills and talents that are untapped. Most will allow this potential to remain buried until some future life. Why do that though? By exploring your past lives you can rouse so many attributes that can help you succeed and enjoy a richer, more rewarding life. I had one client that asked what one of her talents had been in a past life. I said that I saw her as a wonderful piano player. Little did I know, one month prior she had started taking piano lessons! She had always been drawn to playing but finally decided to do something about it.

With myself, I’ve been a doctor, a writer, business owner, and played in a symphony in various past lives. In my current life I’m drawn to all of these things but in different ways. I’ve played the flute since I was a young teenager, having taught myself. I do it for fun and relaxation. I’m always starting some new business, and most of them pay off quite well. My past life medical skills showed up in my current life as following natural healing. And the writer? Well, I still love writing! Discovering your own talents just might change your life forever.

I could go on and on with all of the questions I’ve been asked about past life recall and past life exploration, but I think it’s best to just do it. When you do, you’ll discover some incredible things and have a better understanding of who you truly are and how to create a wonderful present life, while ensuring much better future lives for yourself.

I look forward to reading for you. Light and blessings,