Quotes You did a Pyramid reading for me about this time last year and it was quite good. I gave you very little information to go on (deliberately) and what you gave back was very accurate, including things that came to pass over the following months! Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much Kelly, you are such a special person with a very special gift. Loads of light & love from NZ Quotes

Quotes Hello Dr. Kelly, Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is filled with hope and I am excited about what's to come. I am so in love with you, I would love if you could perform the Healing n Cleansing session for me. It will help me tremendously. Thank you once again Quotes

Quotes I followed the instructions below for Friday evening and I woke up Saturday morning feeling at peace. Today, Monday, I felt my heart was expanding with blissful joy and it felt as if it was too big for my chest!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I am experiencing a shift in consciousness and in spirit. I feel sooo happy with this transformation vibrating at every cell of my body and spirit. Thank you so much, my heart is filled with joy, love, and hope. Yours truly, Quotes

Quotes Thank you so very much for my Dad's past life reading. Very, very interesting and you surely described my Mom's personality accurately, albeit even from a past life. I like to make believers out of people, especially my loved ones and this reading fit my Dad to a "T". Super cool. You have our Heartfelt Thanks. 💖 Much joy and blessings to you! Your Happy Client-Friends, Til next time, Take Care, Quotes

Quotes Hi Kelly! I wanted to thank you tremendously for this reading! Much of what you said already makes a ton of sense, and then there?s some that is yet to be seen. Thank you for being so thorough with this reading! Quotes

Quotes I am sitting here with my mouth opened at the reading you did. It was fantastic...your gifts and talents are extraordinary. I hope you are doing great. I read your Angel's books. Great work and I so admire how you are such a compassionate and accomplished woman despite a difficult and childhood. Be blessed! Quotes

Quotes Thank you, thank you, thank you with love and gratitude! Quotes

Quotes Kelly, Thank you so much for your generous reading. You are so kind to do all this. I found your reading as your other one so intricate and powerful. Really interesting. Thank you again. I'm sure I'll be in touch for other readings. I appreciate your insights, your soul, and heart. My best to you and your family, Quotes

Quotes Kelly, Thank you for checking in with me. I am feeling much better. I feel like I can actually take a breath and smile!! I am taking a new class (as you predicted in your reading) and have started a daily spiritual practice in the morning. It is short but very effective. With Gratitude, Quotes