Quotes It worked!! It absolutely worked! Yay! Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts! I knew in my heart you had made that happen or certainly had a lot to do with it, thank you, I felt it was your blessings & light. You rock Dr Kelly! You make people soooooo happy! Quotes

Quotes You are an angel yourself!!! I'm so grateful for all that you are doing for people! I wish I could feel that towards people all the time:) Love, N Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much for the reading. Sending you and the angels so much love and gratitude for all that you do. Thank you for making our world a better place. Quotes

Quotes Hi Kelly, You did a Pyramid reading for me about this time last year and it was quite good. I gave you very little information to go on (deliberately) and what you gave back was very accurate, including things that came to pass over the following months! Quotes

Quotes Dear, dear Kelly - I am blissfully marinating in your words that resonate on so many levels for me, it leaves me giggly. So many of the things you said are exactly the things I've been feeling/thinking (duh!), it would be positively eerie if I didn't trust guidance and how the universe unfolds. I really, truly appreciate your work on my behalf so much. And thank you for sharing some of your self with me. I love your energy and your honesty and sincerity. It shines through. :) Love and twinkly rainbow Florence Quotes

Quotes Hi Dr. Kelly, Thanks for another fantastic reading!!! This is my favorite one yet. It is great to see how things turned around from the first, second and even third reading. I am so excited about the path I am on now and want to thank you for helping me through a tough time. Thanks for doing what you do! All the best, Andrea Quotes

Quotes Hi Kelly, I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me. I couldn't decide which reading to get before - a spirit guide or a soul symbol reading and I am so glad that you gave me some information about my guides too! Your reading really resonated with me and there were so many things you said that touched me, so thank you very much for sharing your gift! I will definitely be back for more! lots of love and light, and happy holidays too! Christina Quotes

Quotes Hi Kelly- I just wanted to write and let you know that I appreciate you so much for the year or 1/2 year that you did readings for me. A whole new world that was dormant is beginning to open up. I was flipping through some of your readings that you did around this time last year and finally now things are beginning to MAKE SENSE. It is a slowly but surely type process for me. You crossed my mind for some reason and I wanted to send you a note of gratitude. Thanks so much! Blessings to you Always! Keneesha Quotes

Quotes dear dr. kelly, i just want to say thank you for making the tarot easier for me to understand. i just started reading the tarot cards about 60 days ago, i bought the cards, and bought your book about 3 weeks ago, i have also bought 4 other good books but yours has been the one book that i use as reference when i do my readings. i haven't totally memorized the cards yet, but i am well on my way. i have been keeping a log/ journal of my readings, and this has helped me out tremendously. i feel that i do have a knack for tarot reading, and with time i should be better at interpretation. i am just doing readings for myself for now, but i hope to be doing readings for others as well in the near future. i know that you must be really busy so i don't expect a reply to this email, but should i have any questions, i will direct them to your website...again, thank you for the great book! best regards, victor Quotes

Quotes I have just finished readint your book and LOVED it. I also am a psychic and like you, years ago, my life is in shambles! Your book is easy to read, the excersises are easy to do, and although I started yesterday, I felt instant grounding and relief.Thank you! I'll pop into your blog and see if you have any other books that I can kindle and read. I am going through a huge karma, and believe me it's rough! Thank you for being you! All my love Jacqueline Quotes
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