Distance Energy Healing & Cleansing Session

- Do you feel stuck? 

- Do you keep encountering obstacles? 

- Are you surrounded by negativity? 

- Do you feel blocked or out of balance?

- Does it seem like dark, heavy energy is holding you back?

- Are you tired of struggling?

A distance healing session can work wonders!

It can help with many spiritual health concerns and can also cleanse and heal many mental, emotional, and even physical concerns as well.

The benefits of doing a distance healing session:

You may wonder how a distance healing session can work since I'm not in actual physical contact with you. In many ways remote healing is even better since I can focus solely on your energy field and operate at a higher level of psychic concentration and interaction without our physical selves getting in the way. After so many years of practice I can easily send energy over long distances. You'll also be able to be at home and in your own bed. This allows you to be more relaxed since you'll be in a comfortable and familiar environment. I've helped to cleanse and heal clients all over the world; from the US and Canada to Europe, Australia, Mexico, China, India, and many other countries.

How I perform a healing session:

When I do your cleansing and healing I'll connect directly with the energies of the Universe, your Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self to assist in this powerful process. I will tap into your aura and remove any negativity I find there, cut all energetic cords, offer a total cleansing, healing, and protection for you. (I'll send you complete details before we do your session.)

After you purchase a healing and cleansing session:

I'll send you an email asking for details about your current situation, problems, and what you need healed and cleansed. (I've helped with everything from relationship issues and chronic fatigue to depression and weight loss.) I'll also send you information on what you need to do on your end the evening of the session. 

Don't worry, it's quite simple. All you need are a few items, easy directions, and then go to bed as usual. The session on my end will take at least an hour to perform since there are a lot of details involved. You should notice a difference the following morning and over the course of the following weeks as the negative energy continues to release itself and new and positive energy takes its place.

Although most people feel incredible changes right away and these changes are long lasting, I offer one FREE healing and cleansing boost. We can all use a little extra positive energy sent our way!

Here is a list of what I will look for, remove, cleanse, and heal if found:

- Aura scan, cleansing, healing, and strengthening

- Removal of blockages in your aura 

- Activating positive energy flow throughout your body

- Dissolving dark spots in your aura and sealing all rips

- Cutting cords that other people and events have attached to you

- Strengthening your natural abilities of intuition

- Locking in your new energies and sealing your aura so that the positive effects of your session last

After our session I'll send you an email with further guidance to make sure your healing and cleansing session is as powerful and long-lasting as possible!

Contact me today so we can get you moving in more positive directions! 

Complete energy healing and cleansing session just $59