Free Prayer Requests

You Are Not Alone! 

Life can sometimes be challenging for us and those we care about. Whether it concerns health, love, family, money, work, or anything else, we can all use and benefit from the positive energy of prayer. 

I'm always happy to send healing and success to any person, problem, or goal, so I created this prayer request page.

I fully believe, and have witnessed many times, that all prayers are answered, though it might not come in the way we expect. Know and trust there is a Higher Power working for you and through you for your highest good.

This is 100% free. You only need to request a prayer once. After I receive your request I will work with your angels, guides, and the universe, asking to send the best possible outcome for all involved.

Love and Blessings,

Thank you for allowing me to help during your time of need. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that I will work with the Universe to send positive energy and healing light. You are never alone!

Love and blessings,

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  • "I cant thank you enough for this reading as it came at the perfect time. I prayed very hard for comfort from guides and the Angels. You have really Boosted my spirit and outlook..."
  • "Dear Kelly, Hi! Wow, I am so amazed,you definitely have the gift and I feel so fortunate that my Angels lead me to you for my reading! I'll be back again and again! - Cheryl"