New! The Spiritual Life - Grow & Nurture Your Soul and Relationships

The subject of spirituality is huge. It's also different from one person to the next. But, every human on this planet has something in common: They want to be happier and healthier. It seems like it should be such a simple thing to pursue, yet so few accomplish it in any big way.

Why is it so difficult? Because, up to this point you've been attracting negative people or events, or being stagnant, or riding a roller coaster of highs and lows. In this short book I'll show you how to grow and nurture your soul and relationships.

It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to do it either. Honestly, it's as easy as changing a few habits and your current ways of thinking. It's like switching a light from off to on. Soon you'll see life and everything in it more clearly. Goals will be easier to pursue. Relationships will transform or fall away as needed. Money and success will flow steadily as you live a spiritual life.

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New! Pet Readings

How can a pet reading help?

- How does your pet feel? 

- Does your pet have any messages for you? 

- Has a furry loved one passed and you want to know if he/she is okay? 

- Is your pet happy? 

- What you can do to make her/him more comfortable? 

- What does your pet think of you? 

- What do they think of other pets you might have? 

- How can you better communicate with your pet?

- Do you simply need peace of mind?

Having a reading will help to change your relationship with your pet in wonderful ways. It can be interesting, enlightening, heart warming, and even funny.

If your fur angel has crossed over, a pet reading can relieve guilt, comfort you, and help with closure. We can find out how your pet is doing in the afterlife and if it will reincarnate or will be sending another special fur baby your way. We'll also found out how she/he will communicate with you so you'll be aware of their presence. A pet reading can help bring a tremendous amount of comfort and ease your mind.

Another wonderful thing I've discovered through my decades of doing psychic readings for pets is how they can help us solve problems, make choices, and overcome obstacles. It doesn't matter if your pet is living or is now in spirit, they're eager to relay information and help you on your own soul path.

I feel so blessed to be able to help people and their pets!  Whatever your questions, I'll connect with your beloved companion--whether living or deceased--and get the answers you're seeking.

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New! The Power of Pets

Learn to Psychically

Communicate with your Pet,

How to Heal Them


How They Heal Us

If you’ve had pets, I’m sure you can see how different their personalities were. I bet you’ll smile at your memories of them too. Pets can bring us so much joy. They can also help us heal, just as we can help them. You can even learn to communicate with them—whether your furry family member is in this world or the after world. 

What This Book Covers

- My Experience with Pets

- Pets Are Psychic

- Myths About Pet Communication

- Using Telepathic Communication

- Using Oracle Cards to Communicate

- How Pets Heal Us

- How You Can Heal Your Pet

- Your Pet's Chakra System

- Balancing Your Pet's Energy System

- Grieving Pet Loss

- Communicating with Your Deceased Pet

- Do Pets Know They're Dying?

- How You Can Help Your Pet Cross Over

- Do Pets Reincarnate?

- How a Pet Reading Can Help

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