Triple Cast Pet Blessing & Remote Healing Session (2-in-1 Combo)

Energy Healing For Your Pet 

- Does your companion need some extra positive energy right now?

- Does your pet have an energy imbalance or has been acting strange lately?

- Do you want spiritual help that can work in conjunction with anything your vet has recommended?

- Has your furry angel passed and you'd like a blessing to send your love and to help them safely cross over?

- Do you just want an extra special way to say "I love you" to your pet?

- Do you want the peace of mind knowing you're doing all you can to help your companion?

My Triple Cast Pet Blessing & Remote Healing Session can help!

Distance Energy Healing can help your pet come back to a more balanced emotional and physical state of well-being. When I connect with your pet I'll be able to see energy blockages, pain, worry, depression, and more without even being in their presence. I've helped many animals I've worked with feel so much better and have helped others to cross over safely and lovingly.

All I need is a photo of your loved one and the current problem, issue, or request. With the help of spirit guides and angels I'll connect energetically with your pet and send positive, healing light to different parts of their body. You’ll probably notice that your companion is very receptive to this energy I send. They usually become relaxed and will often look around when  they're  receiving a blessing because they can see things people usually can’t.

The healing will continue to work over the course of several days. You might notice immediate changes, as well as more gradual ones. Every human and animal has their own soul-contract to fulfill so I never know exactly what the final results will be, but I've received countless emails about the miracles clients have witnessed in their pets after a blessing.

Triple Cast Pet Blessing & Remote Healing Session Combo $49