Pet Readings 

How can a pet reading help?

- How does your pet feel? 

- Does your pet have any messages for you? 

- Has a furry loved one passed and you want to know if he/she is okay? 

- Is your pet happy? What you can do to make her/him more comfortable? 

- What does your pet think of you? 

- What do they think of other pets you might have? 

- How can you better communicate with your pet?

- Do you simply need peace of mind?

Having a reading will help to change your relationship with your pet in wonderful ways. It can be interesting, enlightening, heart warming, and even funny.

If your fur angel has crossed over, a pet reading can relieve guilt, comfort you, and help with closure. We can find out how your pet is doing in the afterlife and if it will reincarnate or will be sending another special fur baby your way. We'll also found out how she/he will communicate with you so you'll be aware of their presence. A pet reading can help bring a tremendous amount of comfort and ease your mind.

Another wonderful thing I've discovered through my decades of doing psychic readings for pets is how they can help us solve problems, make choices, and overcome obstacles. It doesn't matter if your pet is living or is now in spirit, they're eager to relay information and help you on your own soul path.

I feel so blessed to be able to help people and their pets!  Whatever your questions, I'll connect with your beloved companion--whether living or deceased--and get the answers you're seeking.

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Out Now!

I’ve had pets in my life ever since I can remember. As an adult I’ve always had one dog and two cats since it seems like the right number of pets to me. 

When my last dog Barnaby passed away I thought about writing this book and all the ways in which pets enrich our lives, how we can help them, how they help us, and how to cope and communicate once they’ve crossed over to the other side. 

My grief of losing him clung to me for a long while. Now that it’s been a few years since his passing, and I have another dog now, I finally feel I can write a book for you devoted to these beautiful “fur angels”.

I’m so excited to share this information with you and know you’ll have an even closer relationship with your furry one after you’ve finished this book!