Psychic Pyramid Reading - 12 Areas Covered!

You won't find this much information anywhere else!

I use not tools. Instead, I connect directly with you, your higher self and your guides. This the biggest, most information packed reading I offer!

The bottom level will answer these areas:

1.  Self - Where your energy is at this time

2.  Past - Recent or far behind, it's had an impact on your life!

3.  Present - Something going on now or in the very near future

4.  Future - Possible outcome to expect

5.  Obstacle/Action - Something holding you back or action that needs to take place

The next level covers these areas:

6.  Mental

7.  Physical

8.  Emotional

9.  Spiritual

(This is your current place in these areas)

The next level reveals energies around:

10.  Finances/Work

11.  Relationships (Friends, Family, or Love)

(This is a current view of these areas)

The final question at the top of the pyramid is:

12.  A Personal Message that is most important at this point in time regarding your life

No other psychic reading is this detailed and filled with so much guidance and so many answers! Purchase yours today for just $129 and get a clear view of your life, where to go, what to expect, and what you should do about it! 

After purchase send me your question or situation and any background details that will help me to provide the most in-depth reading I can for your personal needs.


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I look forward to reading for you!

Psychic Pyramid Reading - $129