Should I Do It? Reading

Are you currently being faced with a tough decision? 

Maybe you're wondering if you should...

- Take that new job

- Move to a new house or state

- Date that person, marry them, or leave

- Start up a new business 

- Believe those rumors

- Go back to school

- Change careers

- Or anything else you're unsure of!

This reading will cover 3 areas related to one question or problem: 

1. The pros

2. The cons

3. Advice from your personal spirit guides to help you make the best decision possible. 

I'll connect directly with your spirit guides and let you know absolutely everything that comes through in the reading which typically includes: past, present, and future energies, guidance, time frames and predictions. Each reading is in-depth, filled with positive energy and guidance, and includes one free clarification email.

After purchase send me your question or situation and any background details that will help me to provide the most in-depth reading I can for your personal needs.

Get your "Should I Do It?" reading for just $59

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I look forward to reading for you!