Psychic Tarot Readings 

A fresh take on a classic divination method!

I never use time-worn definitions of the cards. My readings are incredibly rich in details, predictions, and guidance that's unique to you and your personal situation.

I offer a variety of tarot readings that will suit your every need! Although I offer psychic readings where I use no tools at all, many people find it interesting, insightful, and comforting to receive my personal psychic messages, along with messages from the cards. It's almost like getting two readings in one.

5-6 Card Readings

1. Past/Present/Future Spread - 6 cards, two for each area, full of information on the past, present and future of your specific situation so that you can have an in-depth look at a problem or repeated pattern in your life.

2. Triangle Spread - This is a 6 card reading and covers you, love, physical, spiritual, energy for or against the current situation, and a special message.

3. Celtic Spread - 5 cards that cover the energy around your question, the challenges you will or are facing, things out of your control, outcome one and outcome two.

4. Money Spread - 5 cards that cover your question, challenges in your way, things out of your control, guidance to move beyond current difficulties, and your financial future.

5. 6 Month Spread - A complete overview of your life for the next 6 months that will offer you a road map so you can see where you're going, what's coming up, and how to attract more success and avoid pitfalls. There's power in knowledge! 

All readings are detailed, in-depth and done via email. 

Choose one reading above for just $69

Note: After purchase email me at [email protected] with your current problem, situation, goals, and any other information that you feel will be helpful to the reading. I look forward to reading for you! :)

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