General Triple Cast Blessing

- Do you feel surrounded by negative energy? 

- Do you carry around problems from your past? 

- Are you facing obstacles you can't seem to get around? 

- Are you struggling in any way? 

- Do you need an energy boost and to feel more optimistic? 

- Would you like that load taken off your shoulders?

My Triple Cast Blessing can help you!

I will perform your personalized blessing once, then again, then one more time so you can be assured your situation will receive the attention and most powerful energy that your guides and I can conjure!

To properly perform a Triple Cast Blessing, I undergo a very time consuming and energy-draining process. While performing your blessing I must clear my mind, tuning out everything around me until it becomes calm and empty. I then concentrate solely on your request, calling forth your guides, and directing our energies on the person or people the blessing is directed toward.

Then, eight hours after the first blessing is cast, I start all over again from the beginning for a second blessing. Eight hours after this second blessing is cast I do this for you one more time. This means your blessing is cast for a full 24 hours.

The reason that Triple Cast Blessings work so well is that by the time the identical blessing is performed a third time, my psychic powers have been magnified several times over. You should feel new energy coming to you within 24 hours of completing the blessing. One of the first feelings many of my clients have reported is a new sense of peace and comfort washing over them that they had not experienced for a very long time--if ever! And all you need to do on your end is go to bed as usual. No preparation or ritual is needed on your part for a blessing. 

Note: In some rare instances you may feel a bit tired, dizzy, or even experience some flu-like symptoms that disappear within a few hours. This is completely normal and proof that the negativity is being cleansed from your life and your energy field. Sometimes we have carried around so much negativity that we experience "detox" symptoms, but it's actually a good sign showing that the blessing is working. I offer information on how to deal with this if it should come up for you.

My blessings are done with the utmost light and love, and only for the highest good of all. There is nothing negative involved in my blessings. I call upon the energies of the Universe/God/Higher Power, benevolent spirits and your own guides to assist us. I do ask that you have faith in knowing that your guides will lead you where you need to be for the benefit of your life and soul.

Order your Triple Cast Blessing today and rid yourself of negativity so that you can begin attracting health, wealth, luck and love in all forms! 

Triple Cast Blessing $29