Two Choices Reading

Are you at a crossroads and wonder ... 

Which choice should I pick?

Which path should I choose?

Which person is best for me?

Which job will be best?

Or any other either/or decision? 

If so, this is the perfect reading to delve into both choices to see which one could be best for you. We'll take a look at the energy surrounding both paths and how they could play out so you can decide which direction is best for you right now. 

This reading will cover:

1. Choice One (We'll look at all energies surrounding this choice.)

2. Choice Two (We'll also look at all energies surrounding this second choice.)

3. Advice From Your Guides (Let's see what your guides have to say about these two options, which one they feel is best, or if they have an alternative for you!) 

I'll connect directly with your spirit guides and let you know absolutely everything that comes through in the reading which typically includes: past, present, and future energies, guidance, time frames and predictions. Each reading is in-depth, filled with positive energy and guidance, and includes one free clarification email.

Maybe you're facing concerns right now and need some caring guidance. I can help you find the best solutions, alert you to upcoming opportunities, and more. Let's cut through the worry, wonder, or confusion and get you on a focused and positive path again! 

Purchase your Two Choices Reading today for just $59

After purchase send me your question or situation and any background details that will help me to provide the most in-depth reading I can for your personal needs.

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I look forward to reading for you!